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Lightning Field

This is the second pic in my series entitled "Girls Standing Next to Their Dragon Alter-Egos in Some Setting that Relates to Their Element." It's Samantha, and she no longer has a mullet! Sam hasn't learned to cope with the fact that she's not human, which is why she constantly looks sad...but it could be that she's cringing in this picture just because her dragon form is so damn yellow. ^^;

The background represents Walter DeMaria's "Lightning Field," a massive stretch of land in New Mexico with dozens of giant lightning rods.
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wow nice pants there and do u live in NM?
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Great coloring, love those pants.
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great work, i love the girls pose and pants. this is very cool!
kdeln's avatar
I love the design of both forms, the dragon is so shapely ^_^ I love the see-through ears!

The background is a really neat idea, I thought those were lightning rods when I first saw them. Excellent work!
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Nyaa, I love this! ^_^;; perhaps cause it's very yellow, and I luff yellow.... or the fact that Sam looks really, really cute @__@ I love the way you shade clothing, too... +fav :3
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Damn you did those pants again. I love those pants **wants pants** Oh yeah, the dragon design is neet (and yellow is ok, why not like it?).
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her belt ish sooo niffty i luh luh love the way this is colored and whats this about a mullet?
raithesheep's avatar
-damn-... lovin those colors. o_o the yellowness of the foreground contrasts nicely with the purple lightning :D (Big Grin) *geek* shit, you've come a long way in a short time XD ;
flameturret's avatar
wow really good
im just drooling at the brilliance
well done
angelheeroyuy's avatar
Very nice drawing, I like Samantha's pants and the wings rock
TalizmynVox's avatar
Those two are very cute ^_^ The dragon form looks alright being yellow, and the wings are beautiful.
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