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Ignition, They Call It An Obsession

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Amaretto, the Blazing Witch!  She’s an angry, bitter witch who has been burned a few too many times in life (er, metaphorically speaking of course).  After being thrown out of her hometown for practicing her magic (turns out she was betrayed by her own family), she meets Limoncello and the two of them become roommates in Lim’s secluded little cottage in the woods.

Amaretto is a very powerful fire mage, capable of generating flames and summoning lava.  Her “broomstick” is really more like a jet engine made of said lava.  She thinks often about getting even against the people who exiled her, but Limoncello’s faith in the goodness of humanity tends to keep Amaretto’s anger in check.

For now…

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Nice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            :flame: remake