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Dracaena, the Pyreborn

was having a little too much fun designing evil versions of her characters, so now I've held up the mirror to Dracaena and turned her into a mean-spirited (and noticeably more shameless than usual) fire dragon. The fear was that I was going to end up liking Evil Drac's design more than Actual Drac's design, but it didn't turn out that way at all. D: The yellow button-things on the suit look really stupid to me now, but I wanted some more cyborg-like details (like the earpieces that her horns come out of, and the little vent-like attachments on her sides) and all I could think of was the yellow-buttoned uniforms from "Cyborg 009". ^^;

I would really like to get this picture into a more finalized state, but lord knows how long that's gonna take...
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awesome man, pure work of battle woman art.
Cute and lethal.
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Agressive and shameless... I kinda know too much people that want that girls...

Man, respect.
O_o I like her outfit! x_x
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Evil versions are always good things. Believe me, I know.
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oo nice work with the perspective + expressions. very cute :D.
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I like it! My only puzzlement are the horns. The one on the right, closer to the viewer, looks like it's either tweaked counter-clockwise to turn towards her face, or the other one's turned away.

Or, maybe it's late and I've been squinting at this final essay for too long. Either way, great work. I quite like the design and angle. It all works rather well together. XD
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i like the cybord/fantasy mix^^
tough angle too, good job
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Love the angle of it. Oh my, 009, I remember that series =D

The lines are a bit rough, but I assume that's due to the unfinished nature of this piece. It'd be a great one to finish, super cute expression! :nod:
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That's really cute. I like the way you did the Lineart and the hair :P Faved!!
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