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Dracaena Battle Armor

Sort of a reference picture of Dracaena, as I try to solidify her "new" look (which is almost a year old at this point... o.o). She's gone from green eyes, to bicolored eyes, to a weird attempt at golden eyes (which henceforth will be the unifying feature of all dragons in my story). And she's, um, started zipping her suit up further. :O

I hate how Photoshop lies to you by making all your colors look more saturated and pretty than they actually are. @_@

It's not finished, but I'm stumped as to what kind of background it should have. My initial thought is, like, a snow-covered beach.
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She has wrinkles in the material. This is just too yummy for words. Nice job!
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this characters almost "too" adorable, if such a thing can exist XD
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The outfit design is very intersting. The posing of the body is awsome. Very well done.
HellbenderDX's avatar
:wow: My God! I just love the suit design and the coloring!! Great job!! :clap:
yaddie's avatar
Her legs look okay now. XD
sycle's avatar
Oh wow, she's incredible!! I still adore the design of the bodysuit, especially the gloves and boots, and the colouring is so striking, I love the way you pick up the creases in the midsection
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I figured this would have way more favs. No need for a background. And agreed with the photoshop thing. I assume just make all of my colors super dark and shade like a bitch, because once I post it up here, the quality drops massive percentages. Fav - of course.
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:wow: The design for the clothing is sooooo detailed!!!!! Great job with this artwork!!! :D :D :D
CaptRicoSakara's avatar
I love this! Great job on the armor design!^^
AdvanceX's avatar
she is HOTTT!! *DROOLS!* @____@
and the pic looks so official...seriously great job!
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Very nice. and Yes, photoshop canbe a dirty dirty whore >.>
Snow covered beach, heck yes ;)
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its so pretty, good job ^^
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A beautiful piece... The girl is hot and all but... The hands are kinda... big... Yeah, i know she has that gloves, gauntlets or however you call it, but i think you could made them a bit more little ya'know?
Aaah however its still being an awesome artwork...
-- :+fav: --
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Very nice!
Boots are a little weird, but it's Anime style battle armour -Practicality was never first on the agenda.
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She's so cute! =3 I really love her hair. I want that hair. ^-^
BrickRoad's avatar
This is excellent! Awesome job on the hair. And the armor looks so detailed and carefully drawn. Also, great coloring.
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OMG, this is amazing!!! this is so good! great shadow work and lightfall!
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pretty, like the coloring
PunkSkull's avatar
sweet coloring
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awws! kawaii!!!
mousegirl's avatar
wow! this is really good!
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