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She gets no respect. ;_;
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I will take you home
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This makes me sad...
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You stupid heartless f*ck.
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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that someone has put your work on another site unsourced:
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Thanks for the heads-up, but I don't know that there's much I can do about it. :/
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that bastard i would taken her home
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That guy was really stupid.
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She is soooo cute. If she were just a bit smarter I would go out with her. Wait, if I took her could I teach her stuffs, cause then it would be cool.
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She has an incredibly wide range of knowledge.....She's just not very clever.

You could say she is "book-smart".
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I would take her in a heart beat, and she would love me for it then I would have a cute half dragon gf and I would once again be able to say when my friend says, "I have books." I can reply "I have a girlfriend" and life will be awesomeness... or I could get a life and stop planning my life out with a drawing.
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i'd probably take her home, she does look cute, but then my dog or my Gf might get jealous
What a prick. I'd take her home... AND the box! XD
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box: win
Drac: sad face :3
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so cute , what a cute comic^^
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now thats just wrong :(
u know what i like dragons and seeing how she's a dragoon(half dragon 4 the noobs that ask) i'll take her *pick her up * bye u box loving a**holes lol
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a girl in a bikini who acts like a dog?
god, who in his right mind would like that?
i mean, who??
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poor girl :(....
I would take care of her without question!
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...What exactly would I need to take care of her?
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