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Demon Vassal Etna

Etna from "Disgaea: Hour of Darkness", all grown up.

This marks the first time I've ever made a picture entirely in Photoshop.

Etna is © Nippon Ichi / Atlus.
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Lethal and cute.
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Some day the prince overlourd laharal shall returne.
i dont know anything about the game but i like Etna she is cute and sexy

great work
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Great! Etna in "less-manga" edition? Why not - it certainly goes to my favourites! :)
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Same weapon I have equiped to her.
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But where are the Prinnies Dood!?

Very good picture of Etna.
Wilbury's avatar
Grown up? How old is she in the actual series?
Very sexy! Please do more!
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Wow, Very good, I wish I could do stuff like that.
(BTW Im a big Etna / Disgaea fan)
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wowwy! I love the colours Very pretty! ^.^
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Nice touch with Longinus ( SP? ) right there. I always wondered what an adult Etna would look like, and, well, this is definitely a good idea of it. X3 Fantastic work overall.
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So pretty! I love her outfit and how you colored her eyes. :clap: :+fav:
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I like this version !
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COOL Well done! :clap:
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ETNA~!!!! Shes awsome! You a Disgaea fan right :D! banzai for us :P!!!
Great pose and coloring!
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Very good picture, though I must say I prefer Jessica and the Succubi characters more. ;)
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Awesome, the lineless technique looks really really good with your style shadeing
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Isn't Etna already really old? like over 1000 years old? older that Laharl? How old does she need to be to look like this!!!!!!!!!!! just messing, great work dood! I like how you've bent her knee it makes her look real cute!
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My hero! XD I was about to complain that you made her too shapely, but then I read the description. You did it all in Photoshop? Great work! ;)
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That's looking real sweet. I love how it barely has any lines X3
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