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For my birthday last year, drew me a picture of Dracaena turned into a boy.

Well, today is Seby's birthday, and I have retaliated by drawing her character Ellos turned into a GIRL. :O

Know, all ye artists, that there is no shortcut to painting good wings. God knows I looked for one, and in the end, the wings in this picture ended up looking like they're made out of hair. :/
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Well atleast he's a sexy girl.
You could have done worse by making him an unattractive girl. ;)
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Lovely and cute.
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Love the wings!!!
boys in dresses? but i really would much rather be a girl in dresses et all girlish clothng at last weraing dreses is so much better when you are a girl and i want to be a girl to!
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He'll probably need a Frontier Phsyciatrist...
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Well how'd that happen?
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i think he/she is going to need ALOT more than therapy
O: awesome xD funny and a great pic at the same time... O: lol
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is it wrong that I find this hot?
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man that tells something!
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hilarious if that happened to anyone though lol
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lol people should do this to more characters its really cool to do it lol good work
<3 the TG
<3 the heterochromia
<3 the entire drawing.
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funny situation..great image
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Re : feathers & wings. I've known a professional ornithological artists for ages. He let me in on the secret, such as it is, of drawing or painting bird's wings. I'm still nowhere as good as he is, of course, but the basic principle is fairly simple. First, there are two or three arch like courses of feathers. They radiate outwards and overlap. Second, the outermost wing fathers, or pinions, are longer but still radiate from the same center the other courses do. They stretch out like fingers when the wing is extended. The last thing is that feathers aren't symmetrical. One side is wider and shaped a bit like a long triangular sail. The other side is much thinner, and more like shallow curve.

My friend also gave me a preserved bird's wing to use as a model, but unfortunately my cat tried to eat it. I'm pretty sure it led to his premature death bout a year later.
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Needs ... SHOCK! ... therapy :plotting:
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"Come on baby!"

Heh heh, sorry, couldn't resist it.
I really love "swapsies" pics (my own, rather stupid name for such pictures), hence the Midnight Bliss quote.

The overall quality of your art is very impressive. Me like! :thumbsup::D
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i love her face with the 2 different eye colors
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