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Commence Operation Make Shit Simpler [UPDATED]

In the future I want my characters to be easier for everyone to draw (but especially for me). This is about the detail level I will aspire to.

EDIT: Still adding on to this! One of my goals this time around was to make sure that Dracaena’s dragon form carried over enough visual cues from the human form that it would be very easy to see how one could become the other. I still feel like the color layouts need work somehow….

Dragon Dracaena came out not as simple as she probably should have. :/
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Will there be any petrification, hypnosis, or time-stops in this new series from you?  I'd imagine Dracaena would be incredibly cute in any of those three situations :)
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Well, if there are, it won't be in-canon  ^^;
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I never said it'd be cannon, I'd just love to see her in those situations.  I love your pictures with those themes the most, and am sad you seem to have drifted away from those roots.
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sooo cool <3
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aww shes so cute with her blue skin.
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Looks good - and I agree, finding a balance between details that add to the character but having a simple, workable design can be difficult at times.
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Superfluous detail is an issue I also have. Simplification is a wise choice.
I like.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Grey Knight Emoticon 
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