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When you reach support rank S with Isabelle....
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here comes the bride!

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Whoever is gonna marry her, he better treat Isabelle right.
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True to form, Isabelle came to her wedding with the same enthusiasm she did for everything else. Unfortunately along with everything else that managed to go wrong that day her dress had arrived late from the seamstress. So just as the ceremony was about to start, someone in the crowd shouted "There she is!" and as one we all turned to see the bride. Our Isabelle a-clad in white with real silver bells in her hair and in gorgeous white silk, holding up her dress just enough to run as best she could. And she was running in heels, no less! The tiny white heels she never wore except to the most special occasion. Running pell-mell across the green meadow, huffing and puffing like the train engine and about twenty yards ahead of the bridesmaids who were frantically trying to catch up to her.

First the guests just started laughing - but her energy was contagious as ever. Soon they were cheering for her like she was about to finish an Olympic marathon. Isabelle in turn picked up on their encouragement and started running even faster until her little feet were flying in a blur and her dress billowed behind her like a swan's feathers.

It was about then that some part of my brain realized that she was running toward her soon-to-be husband. Me. My happy, calm facade began to melt ice in a furnace as she neared the edge of the ribbon-decorated area and I frantically began wondering what in the world I was about to get into...
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Me: "Applause in my head"

Every Character I ever made residing in my mind: "Applauds in unison"

Your story is cool, sweet and all that.
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Dawww THANK YOU!!!
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Awww...she looks like she's getting married!!
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wedding gown? wat
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haha xD what??? 
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Waifu Class

God tier indeed.
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<font><font>Pretty! *hugs her*</font></font>
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Isabelle gets MARRIED!?!?!?
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Ah crap, the games are mixing. How does that even happen???
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Aw, so adorable! >w<
But this also makes me sad there aren't more FE outfit codes out on the internet, though. All I've found so far is Lissa's dress. >_<
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I think I could fix that. ;)
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