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Bustin' Mad Rhymes

I am probably more of a Perceptor fan than most people...there's just something to be said for having a poindexter on hand. In the cartoon Percy is depicted as being pretty useless in a fight, but his tech specs tell a different story: 7 strength, 8 firepower! Dude is JUICIN'.

Ultra Magnus here represents my attempt to redraw Fansproject's City Commander Armor from memory. I wasn't TOO far off!
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I think he's intended to be like your Ballista: plenty of raw power and exactly the wrong personality for using it. It's not enough to have an overpowered gun, you need to know how to use it. In fact, his problem may actually be that he's too strong, and by the time he's calculated the maximum amount of force the situation actually justifies, the fighting is already over because the G1 Decepticons were jokes.
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I love this strip!!
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He WONT kneel no matter what :XD:
Ohhhhhhhhhh... so many PUNS!!
It made me groan, and I LOVE it!
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OH MAH GAH! XD That's so funny! XD
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you deliver the funny

I can't FEEL my appendix
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Animated!Perceptor and G1!Magnus, to go with Animated!Warpath and G1!Vortex?
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I play favorites!
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hahahaha. funny!
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Poor Magnus...he's never gonna live that line down.
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Too bad, even though he could give his reasoning, it's too late.

He'll never be able to appeal with that now!


(I'll get my coat.)
One of his recruits goes in disguise...

He can't wheel with that now!
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