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Bringing the Gorgon Back

M:tG fanart! This was my first real attempt at using SAI. It.....was not the most auspicious of beginnings.

There's very little fanart of Vraska the Unseen out there, but I think pretty much everyone who has drawn her has missed the big stone RTR-set-symbol beltbuckle thing she has.

The real highlight of this image is the three assassin tokens which are very obviously drawn in CHANxCO style. Which I love. <3

Vraska is © Wizards of the Coast...
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adorable and badass
I would love a play mat of this! Especially with Ixalan around the corner.  
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OH god the assassin tokens are so adorable.
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does this mean more gorgon stuff
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lol how id imagine her when she unleashes her 3 assassins lol
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nice, I love my foil Gorgon/Basilisk/Cockatrice turned to stone themed EDH deck, was using Sisters of Stone Death as the general, but then Damia came out, and allows me to add blue and some fun TF cards like Bone to Ash, Turn to Frog, etc... but myeah XD... you prolly won't get this, seems you left DA, but I've loved your works for some time and wanted to commission ya someda,y looks that own't happen now.
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I might not do art, but I never leave DA.

I have a Damia deck too where I tried to cram as many Gorgon-themed cards as possible into it. Gaze of Granite is pretty nice as a second Pernicious Deed.
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That's pretty much what I did, even put in Putrefy (though to be honest I misread it as Petrify to begin with) and put other TFish like cards into it. But it is still almost entirely gorgon themed. Yeah I still have to pick up a foil Gaze of the Granite, but at least I got the foil Vraska, Sisters of Stone Death etc, I just REALLY wish Damia woulda been foil in Commander: Arsenal... I mean I won mine for free in a raffle thank god as it woulda been $200 to buy it since I didn't preorder/snag one for MSRP when it first came out but yeah... Kalia was in there, and I have a fun deck with her, and then of course my all foil EDH artifact deck got some nice stuff like Duplicant and Command Tower, but yeah, no Damia X.x maybe the next one? lol
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Normally, I don't fave 'adorable' MtG art, in fact I only started faving MtG art today, but... I have to fave this. Vraska is one of my two favorite Planeswalkers, along with Ajani. And I have the token as well! :D
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:clap: really great work
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I should have expected you to do fanart of her, I prefered jace though.
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"There's very little fanart of Vraska the Unseen out there"

Probably has something to do with that "Unseen" part. ;P

Good work!
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noo dont hit me why did i play rakdos!? i cant block at all!
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+1 It's not like I want you to look at me or anything
-3 Who was she?
-7 Why aren't you answering my messages, I sent you 26 messages today, why didn't you answer? WHO IS SHE

I love Vraska fluff and design wise, but she doesn't fit into Golgari style of play at all ;_;
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Oh, I thought it was Rilli
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