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And the Technicolor Dreamcoat

Commission for :iconshush-studios: of his cute cyborg Kei. I'm sure she'd be very flattered to know that someone has a targeting reticle on her!

Kei and Dracaena were friends at one point so I figure a little bit of Kei's fashion rubbed off on her.
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cute Oc, cute and dynamic picture
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They WERE friends? What happened to their friendship?
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Well, I guess you could say that their "hangout" (the MZDM boards) no longer exists, so their friendship went with it...
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There sure are a lot of other ways to hang out :XD:
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Shoot. Didn't mean to hit print request. Sorry ^^;

It is a lovely picture though. :+fav:
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For some reason I'd like to have a Technicolor Umbrella and Technicolor Rubber Golashes to go with that Technicolor Dreamcoat!
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she's very cute and very interesting. You did a great job with pose, shade and color.

great work!!
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Advice to the sniper: just aim at a rainbow colored coat XD.

jk. Nice one dude :D! I like the font.
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How very colorful!
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I always wondered what happened to Yao Chi, now I see he was skinned and made into a coat. Nice work there, it reminds me of the old Card Days.
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She looks wonderful and very nice coat :)! "Give me my color coat! My amazing color coat!"
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That's one colourful jacket. ^^;
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Aw, she's cute! This looks really good.
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This came out really well! I like her open-armed expression!
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Gah, that is the cutest Kei ever. Love eet. And I always love the crazy clunky boots you give some of your goils.
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I love the way the colors on the coat blend. The leather top is also colored really well.
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