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Well, not much to say about this one really. I wanted to experiment with a faster lineless style and analogous-color shading (which I don't do often enough). And hey I managed to work a bit of MC in there too. As a dragon, Dracaena can shrug off status effects like, oh, mind control or petrification. But as long as she's in human form she's much more susceptible to such things...

Dracaena's transformation into dragon form can be a little mana-intensive and risky in the midst of a fight (it's a pretty lengthy henshin sequence, I guess), but she can win a lot of battles just by rapid, partial transformations of her arms, legs, or even her head.
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Lovely girl! I love her skin color.
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nice to see your work again.
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Has she been through some changes recently?
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I don't think I've ever drawn her the same way twice. ^^; I think the blue skin will be a permanent change though.
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She looks a bit familiar...
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*puts out hand for handshake*
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