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Harley Quinn Mask

I got sick of trying to find a mask just like hers, so I just drew one up on Photoshop, printed it out and traced/cut it out of craft foam.

I win.
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Thanks for making this! I also uploaded a Harley Quinn mask based on your dimensions :]
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Thank you, this will make my life so much easier! I'll be sure to credit you for the mask template once my cosplay is finished! Love 
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I used this template (and altered it a bit) to make my preferred look for a Harley Quinn mask. Thanks a bunch!
Fantastic! The cheap plastic mask that came with my purchased Harley Quinn cosplay cuts my eye. Thank you for this
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Very nice mask. :)

BTW, someone stole this to use on their blog.
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You could always do latex.
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I'm making a youtube harley quinn tutorial and am definitely going to mention this awesome mask on my video! I'll post it to you when it's up if you want :D
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GOD FINALLY! I couldnt draw one for my face XD
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this is love, can i use it as a possiblity of a digital photomanip too? if i credit you?
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You may do whatever you like with it :)
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I hear that cosplayers use a special adhesive for masks such as this...especially for the latex ones
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I personally use spirit gum
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Didja just use plain ol' elastic string to wear it on your head? Craft foam is genius BTW, mind if I use your idea for my Halloween costume?

Man wouldn't it be nice to find or make a gravity defying mask that was removable and stayed put... mmmhm.
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I am using this template,but for painting it on instead :P if I upload any pictures would you like me to credit you?
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That would be awesome. I would love to see it!
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I am uploading a bunch tonight, and linked this page in the comments :3
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I recently made one out of leather. I will put the pic up in a week or so.
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awesome!!! I can't wait to see it :D
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