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OC Hotrods
If you have 20 Points to spare and an Original Character that needs some wheels, let me know and I'll get them a top-quality ride made to their specifications.

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Sign. Edition S9: Genesis (Season 9 Finale) by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S9: Genesis (Season 9 Finale) :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 8 14 The Citrus Silhouette by Velocity0156 The Citrus Silhouette :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 9 5 Project Tungsten by Velocity0156 Project Tungsten :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 9 1
Over/Drive: Future Tense - Chapter Six
Chapter Six: Lightning Warfare
Location: Five Miles Above Longreach, Australia
In the Eyes Of: Velocitario
Longreach used to be a quaint little small town of three thousand people out in the Northeastern Australian Outback. It used to be a nice tourist destination, with such attractions as the Powerhouse Museum, Stockman’s Hall of Fame, and the Thomson River. Emphasis on 'Used To’. Now it’s an outpost for whoever thought knocking me out was a good idea. An outpost we plan to rock.
I was reviewing my situation as I peered over the ship’s bow, letting the breeze of the pitch-black night sky flow around me. The CloudCutter was running, albeit with a few faults. The paint was falling apart, the metallic floors had grown weak, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the main engine was the only one working.
Kanetsu: So… you feeling ready?
I turned slightly to see Kanetsu had joined me out on the deck, which reminded me of our territorial situation. New South Wales
:iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 0 0
Sign. Edition S7-E: Clementine by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S7-E: Clementine :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 7 0 Mariner Manx by Velocity0156 Mariner Manx :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 7 1 Sign. Edition S7-E: Duncan by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S7-E: Duncan :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 13 1
Dark Moon Rising
Location: ???
As a sense of finality lingered in the darkened air, a young girl in a dark blue hoodie laid face-down on the ground. Slowly, her consciousness returned, and she eventually got to her knees.
Lælia: God… feels like I got hit with a freight train…
As she looked around, blackness surrounded her from all angles, and the one thing accompanying her was the faint breeze blowing through the environment.
Lælia: Guh, can’t think about that right now. I have to get out of here… wherever here is.
???: That would be my domain.
Surprised, Lælia whipped around, but saw nothing. Despite that, she knew she was not alone.
Lælia: Who-
???: Let’s not worry about that. I’m more concerned about you.
Lælia: Concerned? Feh. What business could you have with me?
???: Your rightful position.
Lælia stopped cold in shock. Whoever this person was, they knew her plight.
???: After all, you’re Lælia. Empress of the Night Sky.
:iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 0 3
CloudCutter Crew Profiles: Aprilius
Name: Aprilius (Otherwise known as :iconapriliusrehnzzz:)
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’ 11”
Outfit: A purple ninja garb, accompanied by red cloth wrapped around the wrists and waist as well as a white scarf and black gloves. He also has some traditional japanese ninja footwear.
Personality: Generally laid-back and casual, but gets pretty serious when business needs doing.
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Emerald Green
Power Source: Chroma
Chroma Type: Shadow, Fire
Species: Human (Indonesian)
PI (Power Index): 3,000
Weapons of Choice
Kusari-Gama: An oversized Kusari-Gama that’s essentially a scythe with a fifteen-foot chain that Aprilius can wield with little effort.
Shadow Chroma: Using the dark power of Shadow Chroma, Aprilius is a skilled nighttime hunter, as well as a menace in hand-to-hand combat.
Fire Chroma: On top of unlimited flight and a subsequent speed boost, Aprilius can use Fire Chroma to essentially set any attack of his on fire, including his Kusari-Gama.
Shinobi Traini
:iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 1 3
Sign. Edition S9: Wildcat by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S9: Wildcat :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 5 0 Sign. Edition S9: Noctura by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S9: Noctura :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 6 0 Sign. Edition S9: Hunter by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S9: Hunter :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 6 0 Sign. Edition S9: Sierra by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S9: Sierra :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 5 0
Over/Drive: Future Tense - Chapter Five
Chapter 5 - Skybound
Location: Rebel Base - Cape Byron
In the Eyes Of: Velocitario
Some people in the audience might know the implied pressure of talking with your boss in the workplace. Sure, in the real world, there’s a risk of you losing something, but I wasn’t feeling this for multiple reasons. One: I was talking to one of my characters. Two: I was still invigorated from the earlier scuffle. And three: Seeing my current situation, there wasn’t a lot for me to lose at all. And on top of all that, my boss appeared to be rather happy with me as she was skimming through some notes. I was sitting opposite her in her office.
Kanetsu: So, let me get this straight… You re-accessed your Chroma the other day, and since then, you’ve showed mastery of Fire and Ice Chroma, as well as something you call Chronomancer Magic, all of which you used to completely demolish a squadron of fighters with the assistance of this “Galleon” and two spirits you call
:iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 0 0
Sign. Edition S9: Hammerhead by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S9: Hammerhead :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 4 3 Sign. Edition S9: Nicole by Velocity0156 Sign. Edition S9: Nicole :iconvelocity0156:Velocity0156 8 2


Jeanine Speed Paint Avatar by AkuOreo Jeanine Speed Paint Avatar :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 112 11 L-A-M-B-O-R-G-H-I-N-I by Corporate-Kickass131 L-A-M-B-O-R-G-H-I-N-I :iconcorporate-kickass131:Corporate-Kickass131 12 2 Sleeves!!! by Kojiro-Brushard Sleeves!!! :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 182 35 owo by nutty-stardragon owo :iconnutty-stardragon:nutty-stardragon 56 7 MSF High Store: Queen Althea by AkuOreo MSF High Store: Queen Althea :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 114 5 RWBY Vol 4 -  Sky High Ruby Rose by jadenkaiba RWBY Vol 4 - Sky High Ruby Rose :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 1,601 40 Pixel 'Sign. Edition S4: Amethyst' by Velocity0156 by battleboy07 Pixel 'Sign. Edition S4: Amethyst' by Velocity0156 :iconbattleboy07:battleboy07 6 1 Lily the Mechanic - Lost Pause by xXKagamineTwins Lily the Mechanic - Lost Pause :iconxxkagaminetwins:xXKagamineTwins 77 3 CREMISI #2 Cover Inks by SayakoRush CREMISI #2 Cover Inks :iconsayakorush:SayakoRush 112 24 Most Wanted Chase by Laffonte Most Wanted Chase :iconlaffonte:Laffonte 224 78 Need for Speed by AcerSense Need for Speed :iconacersense:AcerSense 85 5 Sonic Boom Character What-ifs - Cosmo by Blue-Paint-Sea Sonic Boom Character What-ifs - Cosmo :iconblue-paint-sea:Blue-Paint-Sea 1,288 180 +:USME-Featuring...JADE:+ by Jen-C +:USME-Featuring...JADE:+ :iconjen-c:Jen-C 170 140
400 Watcher Contest
Yay, I've reached 400 Watchers! You can't believe how happy and grateful I am! ^^
So as a celebration, Ive decided to hold a contest! ^^
1. Place
250 Points, 2 Fullbodies (shaded)
2. Place
150 Points, 1 Fullbody (shaded)
3rd. Place
50 points, 1 Fullbody (flat-colored)
What you Have to do:
Draw one (or more) of these babies:
...or draw charlie if you wanna xD
How to enter:
-Comment on this journal
END DATE: 31rd of January
-you dont have to be a watcher, but new watchers welcome!
-Have fun
-You can submit multiple Drawings, but each will be judged separately.
Have fun everyone! ^^
Entries so far:
:iconshinyraupy:ShinyRaupy 13 45
LOE Sunset Shimmer by uotapo LOE Sunset Shimmer :iconuotapo:uotapo 5,927 408
Megami Saga Art Contest (Dec 2~Feb 20+)

Update Feb 20:  We will allow you to submit artwork to the contest until March 1 however if it's submitted after the poll has started on Feb 21, 12:00 PST will receive a 5% score penalty for behind late.
1st prize: $30 USD or a 1/3 Scale Wall Decal
2nd prize: $15 USD or Megami Saga Resurrection: Prologue (Chapters 1~5)
3rd prize: $5 USD or a Chibi Wall Decal

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Alright. I'm gonna quote Kobayashi on this one, because I don't have a clever opener. "Dragons. The most powerful of all beings. A crea...

by Jen-C

As a long-time Sonic fan, seeing this meme for the first time really got me intrigued as to the various ideas the fanbase could come up...


It's official: I'm taking a hiatus.

I won't go too deeply into detail, but for now, I'm stepping away from dA to recalibrate myself in the real world. I'm leaving my buddy Genesis at the helm, so he'll be open to answer any questions or concerns you might have. See you on the other side.

And in the naked light I saw...
Ten thousand people, maybe more...
People talking, without speaking...
People hearing, without listening...
People writing songs that voices never share...
And no one dared...
Disturb the sound of silence...

Over/Drive: Future Tense - Chapter Seven
Protect and Serve
Hey, guys. Just wanted to say Velocity Weekly will be a bit late, just too much going on in my life right now. Expect it tomorrow.

Sign. Edition S9: Genesis (Season 9 Finale)
"I am the shapeshifter. I am where it all began. I was the King before you even turned the key. I control Rockport with an iron fist, and God help me, if you want to mess with me, punk? I'll make sure no one remembers you." - Genesis
On the next Velocity Weekly...

A Ford GT goes to auction (Again), Velocitario blethers about Disney, and we showcase a 250 Mile-an-Hour antique race car.
The Citrus Silhouette
Truth be told, Clementine's a bit of a Daredevil. After all, what other description would you give a girl who wins night races in a car that doesn't have headlights?
Project Tungsten
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the newest brain child of my quirky automotive exploits: Project Tungsten, a prototype racer that's... Well... Let's just say there are cars that are fast, and then there are cars meant to change your definition of fast.
Another weekend, another chance for me to say you guys know the drill by now. But let's get some more folks in here, m'kay? Submit your questions to Velocitario in the comments below to be answered in the next Velocity Weekly.
Chapter Six: Lightning Warfare

Location: Five Miles Above Longreach, Australia
In the Eyes Of: Velocitario

Longreach used to be a quaint little small town of three thousand people out in the Northeastern Australian Outback. It used to be a nice tourist destination, with such attractions as the Powerhouse Museum, Stockman’s Hall of Fame, and the Thomson River. Emphasis on 'Used To’. Now it’s an outpost for whoever thought knocking me out was a good idea. An outpost we plan to rock.

I was reviewing my situation as I peered over the ship’s bow, letting the breeze of the pitch-black night sky flow around me. The CloudCutter was running, albeit with a few faults. The paint was falling apart, the metallic floors had grown weak, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the main engine was the only one working.

Kanetsu: So… you feeling ready?

I turned slightly to see Kanetsu had joined me out on the deck, which reminded me of our territorial situation. New South Wales was the only place on the planet secured by the rebels, but if we could win here, we would secure Queensland from the inside out. Not that I had any doubt.

Velocitario: Ready as I’ll ever be, honey.

Kanetsu: We followed your instructions, and we’re hovering right over Longreach at the moment. Though, I don’t understand how we’re going to get down from here.

Velocitario: Well, YOU won’t be… Sydney, do we have the T-Systems up and running?

As I lifted my right arm, a small holographic projection of Sydney spawned from my palm.

Sydney: Locked and loaded. Provided the blasts don’t blow the barrels open, we should be good to go.

Velocitario: Good. Hold until I give the signal, then track all shots twenty meters from my six.

Kanetsu: Blow the barrels open…? 'Tario, just what are you planning?

Velocitario: Watch and learn, boss.

I then turned around, holding both arms straight out, then letting gravity take hold as I fell backwards over the edge, much to Kanetsu’s shock. Clearly she’s not used to this sort of thing. But I wasn’t focusing on that. It was time for me to see if I still knew how to stick a landing.

Speaking from experience, skydiving into battle is harder than it looks. You spend all the time in the world taking all the variables into account in mid-air, and by the time you do, you’re either five seconds from the ground, or already blasted out of the sky. My advice? Make sure you’ve done this kind of thing several times before. This proved to work, as I showed no sign of distress as hundreds of rounds of turret fire began flying around me. They had anti-aircraft guns. Giant turrets packing rounds capable of punching a hole through any normal warplane. But as I demonstrated by dodging gracefully around every shot fired my way, I was in no way normal.

After what felt like five seconds of pure aerial maneuvering, I landed hard in what looked to be a three-way roundabout, coated in sand, which meant I was on the west side of the city. In front of me laid an entrance to some form of industrial complex: A series of morbidly monochromatic factories and yards with the sole purpose of crafting machinery, lit up like a birthday cake. A purpose taken so seriously, that the machine building was left to the machines themselves. Everything in the complex was automated, even the five turrets currently pointed at my head. But judging by the small, black antennae on each, I could make an inference that some were remote-control. The people behind them were most likely the only humans in the area, so I knew I had someone to order.

After a few moments of dead silence, I opened my lips to show a raw 25-Millimeter bullet I had caught with my bare teeth, which I promptly spit onto the asphalt before addressing the remote turrets.

Velocitario: Okay, buddy, here’s how this is gonna go down. This can go one of two ways. You can either surrender the facility and save all of us some strife… Or you can try to hit me as I light this entire complex up.

With almost no time to consider my offer, one turret fired upon me, a shot I side-stepped effortlessly as the bullet ricocheted off the road.

Velocitario: Alrighty, then. Suit yourself. Sydney, you’re up.

I launched into the facility with a small explosion at my feet, guns of all shapes and sizes trying to stay with me as I darted in and out of various warehouses and tankers. Seconds later, a series of massive explosions began trailing behind me, which was an indication that Sydney had followed through with my request, and was now using the CloudCutter’s heavy-artillery sentries to trace my course with explosive rounds. I had to keep my speed up, otherwise I would be the next target, one way or another.

I continued through a train yard, the blasts behind me ripping up rail lines and sending train cars flying through the air. Countless bits of debris flew past me in every direction as I sped along at 200 Miles an Hour. Running through a warehouse resulted in the whole thing collapsing as I dashed out the other exit. All I could hear was the sound of explosions and chaos tailing sixty feet behind me as I bounded off of a flying piece of metal, onto the nearby rooftops, giving me a better view of the carnage. As I kept running, I noted that mostly flames now kept what was left of the facility illuminated. Then, a crackle of static in my ear told me Sydney had something to say.

Velocitario: What’s the situation?

Sydney: We’ve already leveled around half the whole facility, but judging by the state of some flames we’re leaving, we probably hit a pretty unfriendly fuel line.

Velocitario: Any idea how bad it is?

Sydney: Just an estimate from this angle, but I’d imagine it’s a mix of oil, ethanol, and… oh, crap…

Velocitario: Oh crap, what?

Sydney: It’s some sort of fuel with a volatility stat like rocket fuel, and there’s a heck of a lot of it, ten million pounds at minimum.. You gotta get out of there, now!

My jaw mentally dropped as the weight of the situation took hold. Since I had decent experience in chemistry, I knew that a volatile liquid is much more prepared to go boom than anything else. It also didn’t help that I remembered a real-world event similar to this one, a chemical plant explosion on May 4th, 1988. A fire had broken out at a plant in Nevada, and one explosion ignited by a huge cache of rocket fuel caused damage in a ten-mile radius and rocked the place so hard, it measured on the Richter Scale. And now knowing that nearly double that amount, possibly more was burning around me, I had the hammer down. Sydney had stopped firing, so I hung a sharp turn and made a beeline due south, ripping through the desert sands at top speed as the rising flames lit my way.

It had been three minutes of flat-out running, but eventually I skidded to a halt atop a sand dune, and looked back at the blazing inferno I had created. As I watched the spectacle, I pondered what the enemy could have been using that fuel for, and what I was yet to see out of them if that stuff is used in the daily grind. But whatever it was, I was glad it was gone.

And just as I had begun to settle down a bit, blackness turned to blinding light as the fuel ignited, flames rising thousands of feet into the air. Black smoke blended into the night sky as the raging inferno lit the Outback like a torch. Moments later, the sound of the explosion and the resulting shockwave reached me, almost knocking me off my feet despite having to travel three miles. After recalibrating my senses, I radioed in to the ship.

Velocitario: You guys alright?

Kanetsu: Forget us, how in heaven’s name did you do that!? Any normal soldier of ours would be medium rare by now!

Velocitario: Heh, heh… Y’know, what can I say?

My work speaks for itself.
Over/Drive: Future Tense - Chapter Six
Strike hard. Strike fast. And make sure everyone knows you did.
Sign. Edition S7-E: Clementine
"When I'm off the track, I'm your general nice girl. Everyone calls me by my nickname, which I have thanks to my M8B. But when I'm on the track, most of the time, I'm only in it to see the look on the pack's face when they find their R-Class rides just got demolished by a chick with a fifty-year old McLaren." - Clementine
"When speed gets in the blood, one must drive to live." - Rudolf Caracciola

Well, seeing as how Florence is mostly over, I do believe it's time for Velocity Weekly, issue #32. It's been a nice week off, but I think it's high time I get back going. But before we get going, do a brotha a favor and wish a happy birthday to my Canadian Compadre, :iconcarrerax:, or as we call her, C-Sha. Now then, how about some headlines to get us up to speed?


First off, we're going to cover something we have never covered before on this show: Motorcycles. And guess what? BMW has made a self-driving one. No lie. These madmen from Munich have made a bike that starts, turns, stops and balances all on it's own, no driver required. What's next, self-driving boats?

BMW-self-driving-motorcycle-600x315 by Velocity0156

Next in line is the Third-Generation Audi R8, and the company's plans to make it All-Electric. This means alongside the R8 E-Tron and the upcoming PB18, Audi now has three electric Supercars. But get this: The new R8 reportedly has enough power to classify as a hypercar, at a whopping 1,000 Horses.

Audi 100666947 M by Velocity0156

And lastly, we're going to talk about a celebrity in the automotive world: Jay Leno. Know him? You should. Anyways, this is the guy I want to be most right now, because none other than Christian von Koenigsegg himself showed up at his front door with a 2018 hardtop convertible Regera. Apparently, they did this to explain all the various tidbits about the car that make it interesting, but since I'm lazy, I'm just gonna leave the video link riiiiiiiiight here.…

And now, onto some Q&A.


:iconcarrerax:: What features do you want to see in future racing games?

Velocitario: Route Creator. I cannot tell you HOW many times I've seen potential for a track in an otherwise ignored side road.

:iconprojectoneamg:: Have you seen a certain McLaren 600LT, 720S or Senna?

Velocitario: The latter two are in Britian, and I was recently dangling the first from a fishing hook. NEXT!

:iconnissangtrnismo:: What locations do you want to see in future Forza Horizon games?

Velocitario: Well, considering 3/4 of the world got baited on Japan, I wouldn't be surprised if Turn 10 had that location still in mind.

:iconnemesisrr:: What's your favorite vocal Sonic song?

Velocitario: Well... I would tell you, but I think I'll give you a brain teaser instead.
Score 1 by Velocity0156

I'm more for the instrumentals anyway. And with that, let's shift gears and hit the Fast Lane.


Alright. Forza Horizon 4. It's no secret, everyone and their pet capybara is hyped beyond belief for this game. BUT... As a person who as a makeshift British background, I can say the one thing you need to learn before you go tearing up the streets over there is British Car Slang. Because holy SASHA, the Brits have quite a few code words for their wheels. So: Take this quick fill-in-the-blank quiz below and see if you know the lingo. Make sure to scroll down and check the answers. And why not comment how many you got right?

1. A British Rig is known as a...

Answer: _____ (5 Letters)

2. A sedan is otherwise known as a...

Answer: ______ (6 Letters)

3. Another name for gasoline is...

Answer: ______ (6 Letters)

4. In Britian, an Exit Ramp is called a...

Answer ____ ____ (2 Words, 8 Letters)

5. An automobile enthusiast anywhere else is called a what in Britian?

Answer: __________ (10 Letters)

6. A divided highway is also known as a...

Answer: ____ ___________ (2 Words, 15 Letters)

7. When your car is worn out, the Brits call it...

Answer: _______ ___ (2 Words, 10 Letters)

8. We folk call it a Curb. But in Britian, they spell it differently. That spelling is...

Answer: ____ (4 Letters)

9. Here's a good one. A median in Britian is called a...

Answer: _______ ___________ (2 Words, 18 Letters)

10. Unless you're British, there's no way you're getting this one. A Subaru in Britian is called a...

Answer: ______ (6 Letters)

And as promised, here are your answers.

1. Lorry
2. Saloon
3. Petrol
4. Slip Road
5. Petrolhead
6. Dual Carriageway
7. Clapped Out
8. Kerb
9. Central Reservation
10. Scooby

Yeah, I have no idea either. But now that you've been properly educated on British Auto Slang, it's time for us to end. Thank you all for tuning in, and GOOD NIGHT!!


Velocity0156's Profile Picture
Is A Koenigsegg, Apparently
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
A guy who loves cars, music and games. I've got quite a bit of free time on my hands, so if you need help, a suggestion or want to ask a question, go right ahead! Enjoy my work, por favor?

Xbox 360: Velocity0155
Xbox One: Velocity0156
PlayStation 4: Velocity0157

Potential FAQ's

Q: Do I Take Requests?
A: Nope. That went out the window a while ago.
Q: Do I Take Commissions?
A: Yes I do!
Q: Do I take collab invitations?
A: Yes I do, believe it or not.
Q: Do I have OC's?
A: Yes, in the form of Signature Edition cars.…
Q: Do I host contests?
A: All the time. And joining them all the time too!
Q: What's your favorite car?
A: You wanna take a wild guess?
Q: If I have Forza Horizon 3, Forza Horizon, Forza Motorsport 5, or Forza Motorsport 6, can I join you?
A: Abso-freaking-lutely. I can race, drift, tune, cruise, whatever we wanna do.
Q: Do you ever do anything other than digital art?
A: On occasion. I have an OC of mine running a series of stories over at :iconvelocitynovelties:, and I will post traditional art that I do from my art class from time to time.
Q: Do you do anything in Forza Horizon 3 other than photos?
A: You bet your right rear fender, I do! I'm working up my reputation on the online servers as among the fastest in the world, so I'm constantly tuning and mastering routes. So if I leave you in the dust, don't take it personally. It just happens a lot. I also take part in a tradition of mine, which I call Live Stream Crashing, or Raiding, to others. I just find anyone who's doing a live stream of the game, then I join their game and show them what I'm made of. Basically, I like to dominate and make sure everyone knows I did just that.

Anything else?



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So Velocity, Got any first impressions on Horizon 4?
Velocity0156 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
None at the moment. I have not touched YouTube for the past three weeks in the interest of avoiding spoilers.
Cammedup34 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The Demo is out now on Xbox One for free.
Velocity0156 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My point precisely.
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About one more month for people who preordered FH4 Ultimate Edition! Hype is increasing!
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I'm done my Over/Drive volume. Just thought I'd let you know.
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I'm talking about Kierrera. I gave her the Dryad form, remember?

(Dryad = Half Human, Half Plant)
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Veloce! My man! How you doing?
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