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Archeaquis Chelodraco

This is my entry for the Pioneer contest doothingie, and the jist is "make a realistic, non-massive alien" and so I did :)

Here is Archeaquis Chelodraco, an evoked form of shell-less snapping turtle. The larger species, reaching 5 feet in length live in the deep lakes of the planet, while a smaller subspecies tends to stick more to rocky creeks and rivers. The animals lost their shell as a genetic anomaly, but instead of the new animals dying out, they adapted. Now, with their long necks, they are perfect ambush predators. They will live on one rock for nearly their entire life, and, since they hardly move, plant life starts to grow on them, making it look like they are just part of their rock, but when something gets too close, SNAP, the neck shoots out, and the animal eats whatever it was.

I hope this guy is ok for the contest thing, he was massive beforehand i saw there thing that said large creatures have only lived on the planet for 300 years, so i made him quite a bit smaller, and tied him to a modern animal. Let me know what you think.
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Maybe a bit too far altered but non the less great :P =)
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Yea... I had started working on him before I got the go ahead and all the rules and such :p at least he isn't 15 feet long anymore!