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Stella's Trans Support Group

Post #115 on Ask Stella Lux.

My big OC post I said I'd do forever ago and finally got around to! Even though Stella feels sad often, she feels comfortable at her trans support group. This time, she makes a new friend there.

Features the following OCs: 
AshleyCarrie ShadowCreamsicle DelightLady FroeyBailey Sweet/Trans Braeburn, Sky Streak, Evening RoseScribble PupFtM Vinyl ScratchNimbostratusHeart ReaderNitreGlitter ShellAero
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Oh man, you featured Bailey! That's super sweet, thank you so much ^^! I'm her owner (

This is cute!
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omg Aero! He's so cute! He's my favorite pegasus OC
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image 1: Where in pony-ville is that building ?
image 2: The mares are the bread, in this sandwich ! lol
image 3: What are there C.M.s ?

image 4: So that's why we have more mares then stallions !

image 5: ummm... the last one looks like a mare.. why ?

image 6: What cake shod I give them ?…
image 7: Snails's a filly !? ; a StM ; Scootaloo sees her/him self as a colt !? ; that joke never gets old.
image 8: Who is she ? 

image 9: ...
image 10: ...
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1) It's supposed to be a building outside of Ponyville, in an adjacent town nearby. My blog is slightly AU where Equestria is a little more modernized than in the show.
3) If you mean cutie marks, not all of those characters have them.
5) He's a feminine stallion. So he likes being a stallion, but he likes to be pretty sometimes, and he lucked out and didn't end up with a super masculine physique.
6) Those ponies probably want the gender non-binary cake.
7) That's a reference to the blog Ask Glitter Shell, about Snails being trans, except he's less ghastly and gross and a lot cuter in that blog. Also the canon ponies in that shot aren't in there for a solid reason. Those two being trans are just popular fan theories and headcanons.
8) She's a random OC I made up for this comic because I couldn't think of an appropriate existing OC or canon character to be the leader of the group.
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Want 2 R.P. ?
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1) ok, thanks ! :D p.s. New-MoonRacer is like that, but a environmentalist's steam-punk.
3) Some of them are BlankFlanks !?
5)MHM! He makes me think of one of my OC !
6) :? MHM! any other cakes ? What about... 
Demi-Gender or Pansexual ?…
7.0) A.. Can you link it ?
7.5) Why ?
8) What about... My OC, Bent-G. ?……
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Wow! Why didn't I know about this earlier? You're awesome!
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Oh my is that my oc? She has the same name, is colored blue and even has the bow... 
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Probably not. If you mean Ashley, she's the yellow one. 
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Oh whoops XD 

Well okay then, one of them (idk which) looks similarto mine
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As someone helping to run a trans support group, this is amazing c: 
Cute style as always!
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Can you please link your group ? please.

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i started going to a support group not long ago, Its so awesome ^_^
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Want to join us ?
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K ! :D

p.s. Please put your Trans-Art in/at the group !
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