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In my headcanon Amélie was an Overwatch agent—a sniper like Ana—before her kidnapping by Talon.

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This one looks perfect.

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Thank you very much! Kawaii Face: Smile

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Une simple mort peut tout changer ... ^^
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man i wish it would be her origin skin
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Oh totally. I’d love to have this as a skin for her too.
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i'd love if they made a young skin for her, but i doubt it'd look like this

it looks too similar to ana, and she was never part of overwatch
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We don’t know if Amélie was ever part of Overwatch. 😉
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Uh that's a cool concept  : O
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Right?? I wish Blizzard would tell us more about her before her kidnapping! 
LudLovesCake's avatar
Me too! I want more info about Widowmaker all together, fav character in the game xD
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why is she white?
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This is pre-Talon kidnap...
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got mistake,I thought she was young ana that's why I asked
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You Should Share This Via Blizzard's Twitter And Facebook Page!
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Would've been cool if she was an agent, alas she was an agent's wife, morphed into what she is today (including sniping abilities) I've seen a few versions of her like this and all have looked pretty cool
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Mhm, I wish she was an agent before too. It would be interesting to explore the drama and conflict that would happen between Widowmaker and the current agents.
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