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Titan Forge

Magic the gathering: Mirrodin Besieged
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The illustration is amazing in terms of perspective and lighting, but the concept behind this painting is also facinating!
So powerful!!!! WOW
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Really nice sense of water motion and scale, nice design too, seems Nordic / futurist at the same time.
kartiktraj's avatar
frickin awesome
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Nice work. A quick feedback of mine if you don't mind. I think in order to emphasize the glorious size of a titan, you sir could zoom the picture out a bit to increase the peripheral vision, or add a much smaller sea creature such as a whale as the contrast.
beautifully done
Beholdanarmy's avatar
wow!! amazing!!!
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Oh, God, it's so beautiful.
Makes me want to play an artifact deck.
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Very cool!, love the angle :)
This is utterly amazing... You know, in a different universe, this would be the ultimate Celestial.
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wonderful! u re great!
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this is amazing!!!
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I love both the card and the artwork
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One word for describe this....EPIC :omfg:
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I'm in such awe of this!
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Not only does this card have awesome art, it also is an aaawweesome card. Every time I play it people hate me.
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Love this one, great angle!
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Told my friends how I saw this painting before when I almost traded for this card today. To be honest the painting was about more of the reason I wanted to get it than the effect lol
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