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Temple of Enlightenment

By velinov
Temple of Enlightenment
Born of the Gods
©2014 Wizards of the Coast LLC
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© 2014 - 2021 velinov
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davidducker's avatar
so beautiful. thanks for sharing 
Smexybluemelon's avatar
This is so beautiful!! The details that are in this are amazing! Beautiful job :)
MrFiendinpotter's avatar
I'd love a poster of this!
IdolaElohimAnlon's avatar
Ah yes, Ancient Greece I remember.... But only the "Thera Incident" is the only thing that sticks out during that time, Besides the Trojan & the Persian Wars.
NARCIEDON's avatar
Great work on the ships and the temple and town!
Excellent picture
stefoto's avatar
Strahotni sa poslednite,mnogo radvat :)!
N-O-B-S's avatar
Superb work! 
shaqfu93's avatar
This is some very good art!  It looks like its from a Ren. style church from Italy.  Shame that the art is shrunken for the cards.
SwanLullaby's avatar
Awesome background
SirDoogles's avatar
Scry lands! Can't wait for the prerelease!!!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Superb detail! Love the landscape and the buildings! :D
Vyrilien's avatar
Kitty! I don't know why, but seeing it there just made me smile :heart:
LightningLeo42's avatar
Very detailed for card artwork, excellent as a piece a art!
LightningLeo42's avatar
Psychonightmare92's avatar
Ok, this is one of the best artworks I've ever seen.
Dkundzinsh's avatar
whow great stuff!
Greek city like, very awesome
Eidolon1's avatar
Good looking piece of Neoclassical art.
CorryRox's avatar
mechanicalvalkyrie's avatar
The amounts of details you put in there is simply amazing - I especially like the jumping cat in the foreground.
Obsidian-Wanderer's avatar
It looks like a combination between Babylon, Ancient Greece and Egypt. And also incredibly well done and detailed. Bravo Sir! 
Crescent-Cresswell's avatar
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