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Tavern Brawl

By velinov
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Hi there...
Long time no post... I did this for Paizo at the end of 2007... Except this there are a few more illustrations for share. Keep an eye and you will see it sooner or later...

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Fairy-of-the-Woods's avatar
Can you please tell me your thought process behind the composition?
Also, very nice painting!
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Good old fashioned guy stuff!
opaller's avatar
Muito foda! Eu nomearia como "Treta na Taverna" ahhaah
NateFlamm's avatar
BWByars's avatar
Probably my favorite piece of any RPG art of all time. Quintessential.
velinov's avatar
Thanks a lot! I'm glad to see comments on such old illustrations... :)
Dionisante's avatar
Vitha's avatar
Fantastic! Enough details to drown in and I especially like the fierce face of that dwarf(?) tackling the other guy near the front of the pic. Very nice pic this one, well done :)
xhagast's avatar
I must be a sissy but I don't find tavern brawls amusing. I would go to taverns to do many things but getting hit on the face would not be one of my favorites.
ThereseOfTheNorth's avatar
incredible movement! bravo!
OrlatheGander's avatar
Any chance this could be available for download?
prtyshrmn's avatar
i love taverns :)
Nils-Iver's avatar
Haaaah, free mead for winner! xD
HollywoodRaptor's avatar
Another Day in Skyrim...
lol, I love pathfinder!
jake2189's avatar
Awesome. I love the guy in the background lifting the table over his head.
Sigilist's avatar
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
This is a great looking pic I love everything about it! It reminds me of my family dinners on holidays!
ZlobaNajvacsia's avatar
AesirAvenger's avatar
Excellent piece.
Anwel's avatar
So damm cool!

Can I use it to ilustrate a post about taverns on my RPG blog?
olafanderson's avatar
Who's ready for some juicy pig head
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