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Savage Surge

By velinov
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Savage Surge
MTG: Return to Ravnica
©2012 Wizards of the Coast LLC.
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© 2012 - 2021 velinov
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xD oh my eyes!
Just casually flipping through your gallery pieces and I get to this one and all that blue and red in the green glows almost made my eyes bleed.
Would love to see this one on the actual card instead of my overly bright computer monitor.
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damn how do you do something like this 0.o
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Great piece with a lot of thought into it, good angel, good textures, good colours. Great all round!
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algo asi pero mas lindo i un pokito de tigre
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Awesome textures.
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This is a terrible card, but that is a nice picture
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Grull???? Looks Like Grull or Simic at least.
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Fantastic work...
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Golgari Guild?
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I'm noticing a few areas with some sharp blue and red around edges, is this the result of a photoshop filter or something?

Anyways Awesome stuff, very sharp (mostly because of those cool red and blue edges haha)
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Nice job on the shade green. =) I love green.
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Reminds me of the HULK! :D
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What are the skills and stats, can I ask? And I was sure this had to be graphics for MTG when I saw this. And I was right!!! Congratulations on getting to be a MTG drawer. Since I got introduced to the game I have admired the art of the cards because most of them are so amazing in technique that I just couldn't have done anything alike.

You are a MTG drawer so can I ask you: Will there ever be any cute Magic cards? Since soon after watching trough my cards my eyes are thirsty for something cute.
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I take it you've never seen the card, "Infernal Spawn of Evil". He's as cute as marshmallows in hot cocoa.
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