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Reincarnix Girallon Battle

Some recent stuff made for Paizo
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The textures are awesome!!!!
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Never piss off a monkey with 4 arms..
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With glowing magic tattoos that emit power unknown to us.
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You do amazing art, sir.
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Pathfinder rules !

Sorry just had to get that out there. You art is great, keep up the great work love the bright colors.
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Terrific attention to detail and anatomy. Love that elongated torso. It makes him look even more unusul and increases his size. Really creative. :star:
KseniaYakushina's avatar
great work as always!
Awesome-AD's avatar
wow amazing stuff!

love the glowy symbols :D
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great stuff you have~!!
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s 4 ryce seki moje ;)
ma iam chuvstvoto che i ti tolkova si polzval, pylen manqk (:
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Wicked action you've captured! I really like how you've textured the walls in the background :D
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ooh... I remember when our group had to fight one of those... He kept trying to grapple my rogue...


stupid thing, lol

Anyway, your brushstrokes and technique are amazing, and inspiring.

Absolutely awesome, and wonderful how you captured all the rage and motion of combat :D
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da pla4a li , da ne pla4a li .... krasota ... ,bravo !!!
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it's nice to see it when it's not blured and brighten.
as I said to you before it's amazing man, is awesome :)
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