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Origin Goddess-advanced
Legend of the Cryptids
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Glorious colour and concept.

'You cannot wake, she holds you fast,
That fatal Queen revealed at last,
A tremor in the spangled sky,
A rippling fold, a murmuring sigh.'
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Just as the other Origin Goddess painting was beautiful and powerful so too is this one... with the focus here being on the goddess's cosmic nature, which is lovingly and lavishly detailed here in ways both obvious and symbolic. Between this image and the other one, these two paintings could almost be interpreted as depicting a powerful creator goddess who is both one with the universe and everything in it, and also has power over heavenly and hellish elements. These remind me a bit of the Gnostic Sophia in many ways, but are of course their own thing. And what an amazing thing it is! Great work. I love these lots. :)
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I am going to cosplay a tweaked version of this! Just to let you know :D You do awesome work!!
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this is sorta what I imagine Diana, Goddess of the Moon to look like. so beautifullll
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Attention ! Chef-d'Oeuvre !
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This is beyond beautiful......
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Woah... all that detail. o_o
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I wonder how hard it is to get on a date with these chicks :P
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Made of stars dress ha I want one. She's cool.
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I have featured this here >> [link] Amazing work!
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this is amazing ... what is this from ... i love her .. i love this .... ooo melts ... tell maaa ... ooo glory
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I love her sparkly outfit. looks like it's made of stars... :iconiloveyouplz:
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wow wow wow wow !!!!
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wow...detail is ungodly :O
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:bulletblue: A real masterpiece! :worship: Congratulations! :winner:
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This reminds me of a game I played called, "The Ring" It was an old old point and click game based off of the idea of norse mythology mixed with sci fi in space... Really weird game.
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