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Jarads Orders

By velinov
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Jarad’s Orders
MTG: Return to Ravnica
©2012 Wizards of the Coast LLC.
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© 2012 - 2021 velinov
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very amazing my friend
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Fantastic characters design ! You don't see to be on the ecologist's side ! :D
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Great great work!
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The light is awesome.
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I can't wait for the launch day of RtR. It's a very promising edition.

That being said, this is just wicked. Love the image.
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Love this so much. Very nice!
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Great job my friend !!!
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amazing work , the details!
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excellent work! :clap:
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Really beautiful!!
I like so much of this piece of art!!
The textures are amazing!!
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OMG!! this is amazing !! how did you do it??
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It looks like Jarad is warning his crew about the paddling [link]
He must be a very strict guild leader.

Also beautiful work as usual Svetlin!
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I keep thinking Jarad's is saying "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE IZZET DIDN'T INVITE US TO THEIR HOUSE PARTY!?" lol
the-DRAGON-of-HeLL's avatar
Maaaaaan, now i'm even more hyped about playing Return to Ravnica!
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This is a very nice piece. How long did it take to draw?
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I'm not one to talk recently getting into Magic and all; but I am super excited about this! I really like the sound of Ravnica and the guilds.
And so far; the Golgari Swarm looks like it will be the best one! Not only do I really like the whole necromancy-insect-plant theme but like, the art is stellar for it. These dudes look totally nature aligned, keeping the theme of the guild all throught the design and not like, just adding it at on at the end. I think it might be the moss...

You have done a wonderful job dude.
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love the greenish color put there.
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roh ^^
Search your library ....
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Great work buddy! I'm loving all your new stuff in MTG!
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Because he's a zombie, should all his orders be "brains, brains, brains, braaaaaaaaaaaaansssssss!"?
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Wicked detail you can almost hear the conversation going on. I think the older man is planning something or knows something more than he is letting on lol
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