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Immobilizer Eldrazi

Immobilizer Eldrazi
MTG: Oath of the Gatewatch
©2016 Wizards of the Coast LLC.
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Beautiful, and inspiring! :D
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This group of five illustrations is AMAZING, and THIS ONE is FREAKING ME OUT the most!  Love it!
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*drops down from above driving his great sword through the beast* haaa
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nice :D 
really great artwork
I like the little details like the fact that the knight in front seems to be from Innistrad due to the emblem of Avacyn on his sword :D
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nothing has ever filled me with so much nope! and I don't even know what it's doing! what is it doing!?
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"It denied the Zendikari the chance to stand and die fighting" :D
I guess that's enough xD
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LOL among other things I suppose. Yuck, if I ever saw those nasty eyes up close I'd fall on my own sword! (meh, I'd probably fall on my own sword anyway, seeing as how I know exactly zilch on how to use one!)
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true enough :D
Eldrazi are creepy as hell
which is fair I guess, seeing as they were originally inspired by Lovecraft's stories and Marvel's Galactus if I remember correctly :D
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