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Goblin Electromancer

By velinov
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Goblin Electromancer
MTG Dual Deck: Izzet vs. Golgari
©2012 Wizards of the Coast LLC.
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This has fabulous lighting! Love it.
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Great lighting!
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Great flavor of the goblin for the card!
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:D i have this card!
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im jelly :c its such a good card :3
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I know. Especially when you're playing full-out Izzet (If you haven't noticed by my little land over in my picture, I'm a complete Izzet freak), 4 Electromancers, 4 Guttersnipes, some weird and a dragon are all the creatures you need to win. 4 Guttersnipes + Shock = half your opponent's life.
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damn thats crazy! sorry for hella late reply, but i prefer to use kamigawa spirits are dope. get all five hondons/win the game. they are very ludacrisly over powered.
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Looks like something you'd see on a magic card. So beautiful
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Beast in a deck that has a bunch of instants/sorcs which cost 1 red/blue and 1c.
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Great work!!!
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this rocks i love a good goblin
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Wow saw it yesterday but didn't know you made it, great job man!
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I love your ideas. A goblin doing magic never came to my mind... You enlighten my imagination and open it to new possibilities
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one of the best cards. I am going to LOVE Izzet. Staple card right here!
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I love the colour-shifting on the lightning. Really nice touch.
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That's awesome. Love the lighting. Feels powerful.

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Is fantastic.
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