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Giant Spider:advanced

Giant Spider:advanced
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Mexicankaiju's avatar
I love that creepy Spider!!! Every detail on the drawing!!
Bazzkorg's avatar
I'd really hate to confront that thing!!!!! 
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
Does he play well the parties?
Nils-Iver's avatar
That mouth is the most horrifying thing ever.
GraveJudgement's avatar
animegirl2012's avatar
Mutant spiders, over 10 times my size....Yep! Time to kill myself! *is arachnophobic*
Tiancum's avatar
Crickey, what a beauty!
Nils-Iver's avatar
You have ALL my nopes! D:
WolfMoonRising's avatar
c0rwyn's avatar
Bad ass spider monster. 
picturefragments's avatar
God that thing's ugly. Good work.
Naesthiel's avatar
Wouldn't wanna face that one.
dinmoney's avatar
dear god thats terrifying hahahhahaha
again, nice one! (=
giselleukardi's avatar
that's was my worst nightmare as a child! lol

Amazing work though! Love the detailing!
mechanicalvalkyrie's avatar
The spider looks scary but amazing. I also love how many details you put on the soldier's armor.
VictorAdameArt's avatar
The contrast is better in this one, I like how it stands out more in thumb than the regular version, but probably you already knew that, well, did you know this is dope?! ...probably you knew that too :(
AxelHenson's avatar
And there's my nightmare fuel.
Rodegas's avatar
reminds me a worm from dune
WhiteWolffie's avatar
Well THIS should inspire some interesting nightmares. XD
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