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Future marine

This is the result from my 2DArtist workshop assignment. The Sci-Fi genre is a bit far from what I normally do with all those dragon, knights and orks in my works, but I hope that I have achieved satisfactory with this workshop. You may find the entire content in 2DArtist web page, magazine issue 55.
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Nice change from the usual futuristic soldier! :thumbsup:
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when I see good art work like this, its like "ROCK N' ROLL!", the gracefully executed composition, the "just enough" paintstrokes, to illustrate dynamic engaging action, and almost scientific information about materials. And the best things is that the artists, like you, who create work like this are so sharply powerful at what they do, that works like these don't take half the time lower artists put into there work. I can tell just by the paint strokes that you don't dabble around, your timely with your choices, wasting no time and accomplishing successful formal relationships upon relationships. This is fantastic work! I'm most certain my compliments are not misplaced here
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Hehe now that's a nice comment, and I agree, nice works.
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I like it , BUT wtf is that on the left hand ..
the monster trying to eat his hand... ffs are your eyes or brain even working?
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fantastic artwork
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i really love this peice, the texture and the execution of colur is amazing, really nice work mate keep it up :)
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This is one of the coolest suits of powered armor that I have ever seen. For some reason, when I first saw it, I randomly hoped that this was a suit for Commander Shepherd in Mass Effect 3. : ) Great job!
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Very cool character and lighting!;-)
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you are awesome :)
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Spectacularly awesome....:clap:
2d artist правильно выбирает, читал статью очень понравилось. Пишу на русском да
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This is all the way win
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I cant wait. Being a present Marine is already pretty cool. But that looks like it will kick ass.
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I think it came out great. Really nice composition and the colors work so well for this scene!
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