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Door to Nothingness

By velinov
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Door to Nothingness
type: artifact
MTG: Core Set 2013
©2013 Wizards of the Coast LLC
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© 2012 - 2020 velinov
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JojoDaggerbackHobbyist Traditional Artist
It wouldn't be a more fitting artwork for nevinyrral disk?
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This is such a well delivered theme!!! I love it! 
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NaexuzHobbyist Digital Artist
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Talk about looking right trough someone...

"So, what does this... door do, exactly?"
"Yes, nothing. Look."
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FilanwizardHobbyist Digital Artist
that is pretty cool, Its like opening a Stargate to a black hole.... Just do not toss that thing into a sun XD.
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that's awesome
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Imortal-NightHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, guess what I have in my pocket.......NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
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i told you not to divide by zero....
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Totally building Woo's Omnidoor Thragfire deck, and this is of course the centerpiece. I plan on blogging about it and will credit this breathtaking art. Keep up the great work, sir!
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ReiluneProfessional General Artist
You are amazing :D
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supershift001Hobbyist Filmographer
( -_-)
( -_-)>-o-o
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lapis-lazuriHobbyist General Artist
Хаха, какво ли е усещането да държиш черна дупка в ръце :D
TheRealDarkRevan's avatar
mega goatse!!!
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EraticThaArtistStudent Digital Artist
the concept is amazingly illustrated
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Schlegel120 Digital Artist
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WhiteCroeHobbyist Artist
the door to nothingness seems to lead to the man's heart...
SandroRybak's avatar
SandroRybakProfessional Digital Artist
fucking sweet, so simple so good
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Jethrobot General Artist
Amazing. Really like it. But it reminds me of Yellow Submarine. :P
HeroesFanboy138's avatar
Paul: Good work, Ringo. How did you know it would work.

Ringo: I didn't. I'm on acid.
HeroesFanboy138's avatar
Darn, men to write "Hole in one." Stupid brain spasm.
Jethrobot's avatar
Jethrobot General Artist
It's probably the movie with the highest amount of holes outside the porn-industry!:D
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Strahotna tworba
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