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Demon Fight

Another Pathfinder piece...
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that looks more of an alien then a demon but still nice though
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haha the mage always look so funny for some reason in this series. making me lol.
Ragnarok6664's avatar
:thumbsup: one nasty critter ;P
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Excellent scene. I like the poses of the characters and the perspective of the action. Great coloring. Well done! :D
wolf74145's avatar
I love this awesome piece of art! Great scene!
DarkZeWulf's avatar
amazing piece. i love the detail put into the characters and surroundings.
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taughtbyabadgermole's avatar
That is one kick ass looking demon would be a nice boss fight =D
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Well what do you expect when you invade a critters home.
you do character design? have im?
Mitia-Arcturus's avatar
Hi ...dear velinov...!!!
This very intense Digital Art work is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
Of course this is an amazing piece as a whole, but I really dig the design of the sword! :D
Elinewton's avatar
WOW!! Thats great!!
DBRv6's avatar
Excellent Fantasy/action
SilverbladeTE's avatar
Love the colours and movement! :)
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OMG, very detailed, nice textures and color!!! :love:

I can feel that bug biting my finger :fear:
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amazing work
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Really cool stuff! :meow:
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