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Here it commes... the second speedy for the day...
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Nice monster concept!
AxelHenson's avatar
I definitely don't want a blowjob from her O_O
TattooMasterZAO's avatar
Interesting. I like it.
WhiteCroe's avatar
Zetsu's girlfriend?
The button was an inspired touch. Nice contrast between the orange metal and orange organic head. Really makes the piece.
Festusforfree's avatar
Hey, I know a woman like her...
InsaneIVI's avatar
The smiley face badge - just lol

nice stuff
woogieboi's avatar
Oh dear... penis flytrap... :fear:
weja's avatar
this speaks directly to my likingtastesaffections etc <B_<B
Unage00's avatar
Is her name Venus?
lovewitches's avatar
That is incredibly bizarre, but I really like it.
sukottoAran's avatar
I can't think of anything else to say except "Holy crap! She is one ferocious babe!" I... I don't even know... O_o
Artsend's avatar
I just think this is a really cool concept, the colors really help with the strangeness
hue-bee-doo's avatar
what a cool concept
surthur's avatar
now I feel like I know nothing about how to paint :( great results for a speedy !!
jimsvanberg's avatar
Great idea, should be in Silent Hill that one :)
InsgesamtIngobert's avatar
looks awesome, very nice idea and great colours. There's a poem of Tim Burton that is very similar to your idea :) but it's actually a oyster boy.
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