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Awaken the Bear

Awaken the Bear
MTG: Khans of Tarkir
©2014 Wizards of the Coast LLC.
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© 2014 - 2021 velinov
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fishgutsconquersall's avatar
Love this card. The arts awesome and the mechanic saves my life!
Ayakaru's avatar
Guild Wars 2: Magic the Gathering

cool piece, though, I dont often see 'green' spirits
ArtDeepMind's avatar
Reminds me of Shaman king lol :)
Nice piece
lionkinglover33's avatar
this reminds me of brother bear =P (Razz) 
Emotikonz's avatar
Holy shit, I have this card in one of my decks.
Mamusho's avatar
wow, this looks so awesome!, D:  im so in love with the details and expression!
pixel-putty's avatar
With your 4 latest posts, all I can think of is Creed "With arms wide open" :)
Seriously awesome art though!
The-Golem-Armada's avatar
What a cool card. Great job.
BubbaZ85's avatar
I just got this card from Saturday's pre-release, and your art looks spot-on. Nice work. :D
TawnyFritz's avatar
Great work, I love the power of the bear.
Khaidu's avatar
Looks awesome, my only crit is the hand anatomy looks off. It looks like the pinky finger has been severed from the palm and the finger next to it appears to grow out of the palm, given the angle of the other fingers the third finger next to the pinky is too side on for the angle of the hand.  I tried to mimic the pose you portrayed and it is impossible for me to move my pinky finger as far down as you drew without the finger next to it involuntarily moving with it and having some pain trying to hold the pose with the other fingers outstretched.

Hope the crit helps in some way, the rest is great, love the bear and the mountains, but my attention goes straight to the hand because it stands out with it's very odd and unnatural positioning and the pinky finger being much darker than the other fingers helps to draw attention to it.
o-oRis's avatar
Awesome stuff, woo!
ksdinoboy95's avatar
this is so awwwwwwwwwwwwsum!
megatog615's avatar
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Damn, that looks awesome! :D
GreyAreaRK1's avatar
Wow - great piece.
Celio-Hogane's avatar
Hey look its udyr.
Avield's avatar
Hey look its a picture of a mongolian/alaskan/native canadian male performing every spiritual/shamanistic belief before Udyr was a thing
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