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Aspect of Death

Another illustration for Castle Age on my account. Working on the next one... :)

Aspect of Death
©2013 Phoenix Age Inc.
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© 2013 - 2021 velinov
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Crazy awesome. Love the works!!
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Such a great piece of art! I love the lantern and his pose with the scythe :)
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this is most deffinitley in my top 5 favourite pieces of art on this site nice job fella :D
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Sir,I have not visited this site for ages,you have reminded me why I once did daily.Your art is amazing,and I must thank you for showing me that there is still something to love(fantasy in general) in this world when my life seems lost.Thank you.
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I love this character!!! amaing!!
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Very... O_O awesome !!! omg
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Great art.. Clap 
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So awesome i dont know what else to say...... 8-)
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spellbindingly beautiful...
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бах мама му
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truly fantastic death
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This is the exact character model of the Reaper form in Darksiders 2. =) Very well done.
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Oh, I know, right? Especially the four arms, feathered (read: "non-skeletal") wings, legs, spikes, visible eyes, alternate scythe design, semi-accurate proportions (as opposed to Darksiders' creed of "fuck it, let's draw them like WoW characters")....need I go on?
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whoa that is really sweet!!
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gorgeous lighting
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