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Archon of the Triumvirate - PROMO

Archon of the Triumvirate - PROMO card
MTG: Return to Ravnica
©2012 Wizards of the Coast LLC
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© 2012 - 2021 velinov
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NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
His paws are adorable, I want to touch them. :3
crazed-monkey's avatar
No idea what  that thing is but I want one!!
zwartekraai's avatar
like this on a lot better especially the beast
IcedEdge's avatar
Croue-Battle's avatar
The only issue I have is it's right wing, everything else looks very nice.
DominicHautmann's avatar
all these details... you are a true master!
paintedwolf5's avatar
now THAT'S evil magic. Fabulous work :)
Finnthrogar's avatar
the whole structure is to heavy to fly (even metal armor...), not even with a rocket in the arsh. its indeed posed like running on the ground. and why should the rider keep the hammer on his hand, he can only lose it or smash the head of the sort-of-a-griphon. nice backgroud tough, and great artist its just a pity it doesnt make sense.
Gnome64's avatar
Technically, 90% of fantasy dragons wouldn't be able to leave the ground.

We're not gonna get rid of them all just because of that, are we?
velinov's avatar
Too much analytics! It could be right in the normal world dependent on the physical reality and gravity but that is pure fantasy. What would you say about the flying powers of Super Man? It's impossible too, right!
You have the right to comment whatever you think but try to be objective to the subject. Does that make sense now..., and thanks about your kind words about my art!
leotheras's avatar
i agree with velinov i mean is a fantasy creature even thought we don know if it flys with magic or is just too strong creature :P
Ruhwafin's avatar
FerrerTriple0's avatar
This is fantastic! So much detail, and I love the angle and the view
MainEventJesi's avatar
first off Archon is my favorite card
randomeye713's avatar
you need to add more search word tags to your pictures,
I typed in the words "azorius archon" and the search engine did not show me this picture
and this is an epic picture by the way
but if you want more people to find your work, you need to label your stuff better
paulboutros's avatar
sweet colors and lighting!
Somelarder's avatar
Wow, that's perfect !
The details just impress me ! ;)
The lights effects are really good ! :w00t:
Somelarder's avatar
And it was published the day of my birthday lol ^^
blanket86's avatar
This is so amazing. Very interesting style. Perfect composition.
Toxic-Pepper's avatar
Wow, Epic art.
I love it as much as the Effect of Archon of the Triumvirate
olafanderson's avatar
Love the warhammer = )
Imortal-Night's avatar
Hello ladies, look at your archon, now back to me, now back to your archon,now back to me.Sadly he's not me ,but if he used old spice he could smell like me. I'm on a monster.
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