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pathogen cooperation 1

During our usual Christmas gathering, one of my university friends asked me to do a cartoon for the presentation of his PhD project.

The concept is that pathogens (bacteria or cancer cells) cooperate inside the host to allow the survival of their population. For example, a group of cancer cells can evolve to produce growth factors while another group can specialize in keeping the immune cells at bay.

This was my first attempt to portrait that in a funny way.

He wasnt very happy about it.
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Aw, it's really good. How could your friend be not satisfied?
If I were to make a presentation,
I would definately put a comic like that in it.
Well, I probably will have a presentation like this soon.
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So your friend basically asked you "hey, make a hilarious cartoon about immunology!", and when you did, he wasn't impressed?

People don't understand the skills involved in that kind of thing.
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This is why I avoid doing these cartoons. The only reason I went for it was because the topic sounded interesting.
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deviantART is great for these, though, because at least you can show your work to people who will genuinely appreciate it.
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he should lighten up
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hahahaha this is great!!! Its like they are a bunch of naughty teenagers messing about...
Love the eyebrows, very portuguese, the unibrow.
Velica's avatar
Indeed the classy unibrow that hooked you.
MsOrange's avatar
or was it the donkey smell?
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