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Trickle down academics

By Velica
Save us sci-hub
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Except for the horrendous access fees a good system though :) 
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Funny ... because it's true! Add in the peer review cartels and there's every opportunity for bad science. Do you keep an eye on Retraction Watch? The role of post publication peer review is becoming interesting via places like  I have a plan this year to start a project that curates the literature base for the amyloid beta protein in Alzheimer disease (immuno-based measuring techniques are often misinterpreted due to antibody cross reactivities) ... it could take a while ...
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Hi, yes I do keep up with Retraction Watch (a bit superficially but I do). I agree that post publication peer review should be the most important part of the process but the way we're graded and quantified as academics relies greatly on pre-pub peer review.

Good luck with your projects!
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As someone who as published one single paper (in other publisher), yep, it sounded quite fishy back then, and sure sounds really bad when put it terms of the comic.

That's one of the reasons I did not pursue academic research. You basically have to pay to work...
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Just to make sure, just NPG's stand for "nature publishing group"? I want to make sure before I think I understand the comic!

If so, I've never gone as far as to submit to nature, but do they make you pay to access your own work?
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They do. This is NPG but could also be Elsevier or any of the other major publishing houses.

If you are lucky to be in a rich university of a rich country they will have shelled out thousands of dollars per year to pay for subscription fees so that the researchers can access what they themselves produced.

It's a seriously deranged business.
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Now, that's just whack. I feel bad you guys have to go through that. Surely, there's nicer publishing groups?!
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There are but the system is rigged in the sense that our careers are judged by how often we publish with the nasty publishers (they have the high impact).
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I´m quite happy that PeerJ is growing because of this.
But it is sad that Sci-Hub is dead.
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Is it really dead??
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No I found out that just the domains I used are dead.
.la and .tv still work.
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This is extremely good :heart:
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