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Transgenics anonymous.

By Velica
Mice are still the best model for mammal genetics and physiology. Small, docile and cheap these little fellas are one of the main reasons why science (specially medical science) keeps advancing so quickly.

Nowadays many labs can generate mice lacking certain genes of interest by simple manipulation of mouse embryonic stem cells. There is a huge array of "mutated" mice strains about.

I thought it would be funny if they got together and discussed their griefs.

(p53 is a very important gene, involved in the development of cancer)
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Point mutation on p53, aka, genome guardian, doesn't have to lead to cancer right away. It can only be a silent mutartion, or a revertant one. Or maybe the mouse just dies before the mutation can actually cause any vissible effect.
Maybe the joke was "what if" maybe?
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Don't you mean, anonyMOUSE? I'll leave now, sorry. ):
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Isn't P53 the self-destruct trigger in a cell, supposed to activate if a cell has gone mutant ,detected by a white-blood immune cell and receives the "commence P53 self-destruct" command from it ?

P53 initiated self-destruct is involved in embryonic development to destroy tissues and even organs that have served their purpose (such as separating the fingers from each other, and even forming the hole that becomes the mouth, not to mention the first pair of kidneys and much of the 2nd pair, leaving us with the third pair.)
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Thank you Mr Wikipedia.
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aww :( poor lil things :(
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I love it!
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i hope, you'll make more bio-geeky cartoons, they're funny *and* informative...
btw: is the freaks of science-series closed? :(
Velica's avatar
:) thanks.

Well, technically no series is ever closed but I tend to drift away from them. I've been feeling quite uninspired recently...
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that's too bad. i *loved* your freaks of science! :nod:
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hahahaha, this is so original. really good idea for the joke :clap:
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hahah, you are a bio-geek too!!

Rendan86's avatar
yes yes! hehe, i'm a biotechnology student, so it's not extrange.
have you seen my gallery, i have some bio-geek works too, not as funny as yours, but they are bio-geek inded
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I'll definitively take a look. I'm at work now (doing some bio-geeky stuff).

Rendan86's avatar
i thought you were illustrator. what are you working on?
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I'm a researcher working with leukaemia. Well, in my case, developing mouse models for the study of leukaemia.

Drawing is just an escape! :)
Rendan86's avatar
sounds interesting. Drawing is an scape for me too. Are you working on Portugal?
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No, I've decided to emigrate for my PhD. Working in Birmingham, UK.

Are you in Uni or are you working too?
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