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Now thats what I call a retroinfection!!! Shazam!

Again, a biology joke. Sorry if its too specific.
Retrovirus (like HIV) are interesting in many ways. One of them is they break the "CENTRAL DOGMA OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY" [link] by converting RNA into DNA (hence the prefix Retro-)

I'm imagining this virus swiming in someone's fluids at the sound of Blue Monday by New Order.

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This is my favourite one! :la:
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I've seen a version with an actual retrovirus but this is way funnier!
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Hi, was this version?…

I made that one after seeing so many people bothered by the fact that these were phages and not actual retrovirus.

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Yes, most likely this one.
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"Lol stfu bacteriofag!"
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This thing are deadly serious!
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I love this one! But I think the first one is a bacteriophag. (I don't know the word in English.)
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You are correct. Its a bacteriophage.

I made a scientifically correct version with actual retroviruses but it doesn't look as funny and it is remarkably less popular. Sometimes you have to be a bit more relaxed about the science when your aim is humour and puns.
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I think you're right. (o=0 Biology 4-EVER!
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That retrovirus got groove! He's gonna get all up in my genome, if you know what I mean. grin wink 
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There is sensuality in retrotransposition. You just need to squint!
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jimmy neutron?
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oh this is very cool and awesome ^^

, I hope I may also use it for my presentation... :D

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What kind of presentation is it?
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about how the Retrovirus replicates it self and other virus. I want to compare them and use the picture to end my presentation, I think it's a nice one :)
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Cool! Feel free to use it for your presentation.
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thank you very much :)
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This is awesome.
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Hello Velica,
Would you mind if i used your image for a presentation?
It is very informative.
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Of course you can. I'm glad you like it.

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Hi Velica,
Would you mind if I used this in a presentation as well?
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Hi Velica, I am a medical student presenting on HTLV, a retrovirus, would you mind if I used your image? It's really cool!
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