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Model Organisms :: House Mouse

By Velica
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This drawing is part of a short series called "Model Organisms". [link]

Introducing science's favourite mammalian model: the house mouse. [link]

The scientific name of the house mouse is Mus musculus. Musculus was the latin word for "little mouse" and, supposedly, the movement of a contracting muscle under the skin is reminiscent of a mouse moving beneath a rug and therefore the origin of the word muscle. I thought it would be a great pun.

Adding to that, mice can be genetically manipulated to generate strains lacking a certain gene, the so called "knock-out" mice that have exposed the function of so many genes in the past two decades. Fits like a glove.

Thus, I made this Model Organism to emulate common male fitness and muscle magazines such as "Muscle & Fitness". [link]

Still to come (someday):
Saccharomyces cerevisiae (the beast yeast)
Arabidopsis thaliana (the cress in stress)
Caenorhabditis elegans (the nematode on the road)
Drosophila melanogaster (aye, aye, fruit fly!)
Danio rerio (dont squish the zebrafish)
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PapierowySzczur's avatar
Actually I think it's good pun.
magpie-poet's avatar
magpie-poet Artisan Crafter
Great choice, bad pun ;) His tail looks a little more like a rat's tail?
SepiaCoerulea's avatar
That's really mind-blowing ^_^
Red-Productions's avatar
Red-ProductionsStudent General Artist
I love my mum for teaching me about this stuff.
kHanxRajaB's avatar
kHanxRajaBHobbyist General Artist
so funny, brilliant idea hehe :)
Martaczc's avatar
Mus musculus
GirlWithAHat's avatar
GirlWithAHatHobbyist Writer
I'd like to see C. elegans. :D
muffin-wrangler's avatar
Hee hee! Brilliant!
thehurricanes's avatar
Yay, another model! :dance: I love this series!
I've never seen a mouse like that. What did the scientists feed it? :D

Model organism, how about the freshwater planarian? The one that you cut into half ...
Velica's avatar
Ah, check the myostatin knock-out mouse. [link]

Bah, planarian is such a model organism of the XIX century.
thehurricanes's avatar
Oh gosh, that's sick! Mighty Mouse Real-life version. I just realized I didn't understand your comments so I didn't get the joke. Thanks for the photos. :D

XIX Century? Hehe. When my friend told me her teacher let them cut planarians in class I was surprised. That sounds cruel.
Zofeno's avatar
I totally love the knock-out joke!
xiks's avatar
xiksHobbyist General Artist
Yommytheonly's avatar
mus musculus :DDDD (dt Hausmaus)
great idea! great picture!
Schatten-Drache's avatar
Schatten-DracheHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this knock out mouse :D

Would you mind when i try someday to draw a similar own version of a knock out mouse?
Velica's avatar
Please do! :)

Dont forget to post it too.
Schatten-Drache's avatar
Schatten-DracheHobbyist Traditional Artist
I will - after the examens ;)
MisfitMagpie's avatar
MisfitMagpieHobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha briljant pun :clap:
I do wonder why nobody has thought of it before XD
zebarnabe's avatar
zebarnabeHobbyist Digital Artist
cockroach is to be expect in the next issue xD
bobbymono's avatar
bobbymonoHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's a pretty musclebound mouse.
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