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Model Organisms :: E coli

This drawing is part of a short series called "Model Organisms". [link]

Given the recent work overload and the upcoming writing of my thesis I have decided to give in to my nerdy nature. The "Model Organisms" series will depict the organisms most widely used in scientific studies "modelling" in fashion magazine covers. All with appropriate headings and comments, of course.

The series will go "up the evolutionary ladder" (if you are an anthropocentric prick and believe man is the ultimate conception of evolution)

Therefore I begin with the lovely Eschrichia coli, the most famouse Gram negative bacteria. [link]

Saccharomyces cerevisiae (the beast yeast)
Arabidopsis thaliana (the cress in stress)
Caenorhabditis elegans (the nematode on the road)
Drosophila melanogaster (aye, aye, fruit fly!)
Danio rerio (dont squish the zebrafish)
Mus musculus (the mouse from your warehouse)
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Oh my gosh! What a brilliant play on words! 
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20/10 would subscribe
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Biotechnology student here.

I lol'd so hard to this!
Great job, very funny :D (I mean it)
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My Diagnostic Microbiology teacher actually put this picture on one of his slides. 8D
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Say hi to him for me. Where are you studying?
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University of West Florida 

8D - I am in the Clinical Lab Sciences program. I will remember to tell him I spoke to the artist. 
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Hahaha!!! So perfect! XD
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Do a vibriocholera
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I found this picture awesome and I would like to use it for a post about E. coli in my blog. Thank you so much. Good luck.
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Go for it! :)
Whats your blog address?
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This showed up on my reading rooms door this morning. It's ingenious! I'm looking forward to see the others!
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I'm glad to hear its spreading around!
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I just saw that it actually says escherichia, I read it as escherichic because of the flagellum distracting me XD that would've fit, too
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hahaha... indeed.
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:) really enjoy it. You are a scientist and artist :P love this crazy combination
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I love it. You are a genius.
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