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Apoptosis [link] is a form of programmed cell death that occurs in animals. This means a cell will commit a fairly clean "suicide" if given the appropriate orders. This is important in nearly all tissues and during development.

The inability to commit apoptosis is a hallmark of cancer.

Harakiri, also known as seppuku [link] is a form of ritual suicide in Japan "used voluntarily by samurai to die with honor rather than fall into the hands of their enemies, as a form of capital punishment for samurai who have committed serious offenses, or performed for other reasons that have brought shame to them."

The comparison seems fair.
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7drone's avatar, we got the body full of samurais... I'm not sure if it's good or bad :D
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Thanks to these samurais we have fingers. Also, often apoptosis is forced on defected cells, which can become tumour cells.
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Obedient Samurais. Its great.
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They don't even need a sword. How convenient. :laughing:
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Thats a lot of TNF, well done indeed
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med student actually
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ROFLMAO.... quando tive TLB no secundário ocorreu-me a mesma ideia da relação Harakiri <-> Apoptose ... lol ... Mto bem lembrado :meow:

Pergunto-me como descreverias as autofagia ... xD .... auto-canibalismo?
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Apoptosis as a consequence of social pressure! Awesome stuff! Haha, maybe you can combine this picture with the one about phagocytosis! Draw a big monster behind that poor apoptotic cell! ^&^
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Haha... too many biological concepts.
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thanks to you my biological knowledge increases everytime I read one of your bio-related comic strips hehe.
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