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Cell meets plasmid

By Velica
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Typical story.

Cell meets plasmid.
Plasmid transforms cell.
Cell changes phenotype.
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i guess it’s allergic to plasmids :shrug: or :dunno: 
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All your comics are awesome!
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but the question is... which Plasmid? THERE'S TELEKINESIS! INCINERATE! CYCLONE TRAP! DECOY! INSECT SWARM! ELECTRO BOLT! etc, etc. share this with your friends. I'm sure they'll be bio-shocked when they get the reference.
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This like when you are very young and you find those pop idols like lady gaga O.o Are the David Bowie Plasmid ? Want some of that ^_^
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Hahahahahaha oh gosh, and they say biology can't be funny :XD:
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heyyyy can u share this creaiton on one of my Facebook molecular biology group? :D please please
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Sure you can.
Can you put a link to my deviantart page?
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but of course :D thank u soooo much again :)
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Haha, very cute.
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There is Heavy Metal Plasmids ? :D
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That would explain Bioshock......wait a minute....O_O.... :D
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i dont get it .__.
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I love the facey at the first panel. Go biology nerds go. (yeah sorry I include myself in that group)
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jajajaja, cell meets plasmid and not only it lets its hair grow, it CHANGES SEX!!!
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I'm pretty sure that one reproduces asexually :)
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yes, but you call the one with the plasmid as "male", because it can give a plasmid to the "female" without it.
or maybe it's only in spanish.

not that i think escherichias have real sex :P
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Devias ter tirinhas destas para a matéria toda que saiu no meu exame de Microbiologia ;_;
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Que estudas tu?
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Enfermagem, e no 1º semestre tive uma cadeira de Microbiologia. E ainda hei-de apanhar mais coisas do mesmo género...
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