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Wrong answer .__.
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lo farei pure io,quelli a cui piace cupcakes sono da ricovero
Dramakid66's avatar
That my man is amazing and hilarious
UltiDeviant's avatar
*Uncontrollably laughs while banging table*
Jman377355's avatar
What show is this from?
Velgarn's avatar
Game of Thrones
Thanatophilia's avatar
Game of Thrones, on HBO. The text was added, and isn't related.
RinellaWasHere's avatar
Two of my favorite things, together at last.
mamatterer's avatar
i would do the same.
gimpcowking's avatar
this made me lawl pretty hard, grats
mangaturtle's avatar
Cupcakes is always the right answer!
adminphoenix's avatar
Finally someone standing up against Cupcakes! I love this comic
Velgarn's avatar
well, i generally don't like sadistic stuff. i have to admit the first time that i read about Cupcackes was when i read from know your meme, and in the bottom of the page there are the related memes. The image of cupcakes at first time reminds me a expression of Viky (the evil babysitter of Fairly Oddparents) so i thought thant cupkakes was a crossover between those two cartoons. But i changed my mind quickly when i realized the mistake D:
I can't understank how other people can like it :/
XenoMorpher's avatar
keep it up dude it be great
Bromonn's avatar
wrong answer?

more like Right answer :iconpinkieisexcitedplz:
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Vampairious-Kun's avatar
XD lol That is awesome.
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I're killing me here!
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