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japan - laputa robot (jiburi de)

By Veleven
In the last week of November this year my sister and I were blessed to be able to go to the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. It was like a dream- such a beautiful and imaginative place . There is a room there set out like a real artist's studio, with concept sketches pinned all over the walls, messy desks with tools and paints.. it was just amazing.

The Laputa robot has always held a special place in our hearts, and so E and I were really looking forward to seeing it in its' full-sized glory. It stands up on the roof of Ghibli, countless visitors filing through to have photos with it- no one reaches higher than his 'thighs' on him. We decided that, since there was an hour-long wait to get into the restaurant for lunch, we would spend it sitting on the roof drawing the Robot instead.

And so we did.

Laputa Robot - (c) Laputa- Castle in the Sky - Studio Ghibli

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Wow, I didn't even know there was a Studio Ghibli Museum! :o One more thing to add to my bucket list!

Your drawing looks really great, I love how loose your lines are. :)
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One day....I will be there <3!, love you're sketch, the robot brings many childhood memories
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Wow...I really want to go to the museum, I adore Laputa!
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It is an amazing place... felt a bit fragile walking through it because there are so many emotions hitting you at once.
By the time you get to the robot on the roof, you just want to stop and think... which is why we did for so long, I guess!
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Yeah I imagine it must be overwhelming. It looks like such a peaceful place, I really hope I can go once I get to visit Japan ^-^ It's on my list for destinations I want to visit.
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Definitely get there if you can. And I'd suggest setting out a little earlier, getting off the train at the stop before Mitaka station, ( I think it's Kichijoji or something) and taking the walk to Ghibli from there. You get to walk through a beautiful park with a lovely lake and enormous trees - almost like something out of Totoro (my sister and I had my iPod playing the Totoro soundtrack through a little speaker while we walked, which made it even more authentic!).  
When you finally arrive at Ghibli (you'll want to get there before opening time- there will be lines to get in, and you will definitely want to spend the whole day there) you feel so ready and in the zone! 
Good luck! Let me know if you get there!!
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Aww that sounds so lovely! Definitely, I shall do that! Thank you, and I will! ^-^
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i love the laputian robot. i used to pretend that if i ever said the spell he'd actually come. i used to have a little rock that went through a rock tumbler that looked exactly like her crystal...then i lost it in the grass </3
i want to go to this museum soooo bad. i love your sketch, and ive always wanted to see the real life robot. it is legit a life goal of mine.
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It was an absolute joy to spend as much time with the robot as we did. 
I really hope you get to see the robot too, mate. You get all kinds of emotions bubbling up in your chest, and you feel a bit silly because all the Japanese people are looking at you weird but you don't care because you feel so special. (:

ps. Behind the robot, if you look very carefully, you will find a small nest with eggs in it, and further around, the giant stone engraved with Laputan words (the one you run the crystal over to have control over Laputa!). (:
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that sounds so amazing! i'll definitely get those emotions you talked about haha, and not just with the robot. all of his movies have very special places in my heart, especially howl's moving castle. to see ANYTHING in that museum would probably make me cry. and the Japanese people can stare at me all they want, i would not care at all. i'd get a second job if it meant i'd be able to get enough money to get there...i might do just that someday!
weeeeelll done!!
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Thanks alot! (:
weeeeellll done
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wow, that's awesome
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Thanks so much~
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I'm incredibly jealous and excited for you that you got to see the robot in real life; and to go to the museum IN JAPAN. Damn.

Cute sketch, i like the weight that you drew with around the darker spots. Also I really like the looseness of the lines. ;v;
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I told some of the staff there that it was a dream come true to be there... they were touched. (:
It was wonderful!

Thanks so much for the comments - glad you like the picture. (:
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Thanks so much. (:
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I was just there last month... and I have to say I loved every inch of that museum... great sketch!
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