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UT- based on a true shirt

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i saw the shirt in the window of a pyjama shop and immediately thought 'that's totally a sans shirt'.
(i would've bought the shirt, but it was actually a pyjama shirt and it cost like 60AUD! noooo way)
just been practising my digital drawing, and getting used to the fact that the cintiq is more like an extension of what I do on paper, rather than something I have to rush and draw with in a particular style.
it's taking a lot of getting used to, but this was a huge leap in progress so HAPPY BELATED VALENTINES DAY YO

not happy with the colouring.. it used to look all crazy and stuff but then i didn't think it suited the subject matter so I got rid of it. 

sans + Undertale (c) Toby Fox
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Wise words indeed.
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Never truer ones spoken.
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Omg your coloring is so good. I like your style!
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Really? Thanks so much!
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I have a shirt that says, "Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am awake." I need this shirt too. 😐
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I now have a pj shirt that says 'Sorry; my bed needs me' . XD
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🤣 and I need my bed!
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You CAN fall in LOVE with your bed Sans.
You just need to find the right one
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Sans Icon: why fall in love with my bed 
              when i can fall asleep *anywhere*? 
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Haha! I'm glad!
I'll try to draw some more UT cuteness some day! XD
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That's Sans's motto in life. :laughing:
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Haha yep!
I especially love that Toby Fox has virtually made it canon/fact:…
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Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. :D But who knows, after getting out of the Underground and no more resets in sight, he might relax and start enjoying life a bit more. :)
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Haha, l dunno, he may get out more and enjoy himself, but I think he'll always be lazy. XD 
I mean, in the credits for the pacifist run he's not even pedalling his bike, he's using magic! XD
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Bike? It looked more like a Vespa scooter to me, even the color. It's like a small motorcycle, no pedals needed. :)
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Really? Anywhere I've read or seen reckons it's a tricycle (the front wheel is bigger than the back).…
Like this:…

But hey, who really knows? Whatever the case, I think sans will always be a big troll XD
Sans Shrug 
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 where can i buy this shirt
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Haha, it's from Peter Alexander, a sleepwear shop in Aus. Unfortunately it's not a regular tshirt- it's a nightie!
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Lol, that does sound like a shirt that Sans would wear xD.
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I know, right?! XD
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