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Star Wars - This is Madness

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My dad got us kids into the original trilogy of Star Wars when I was about 9 and I still love it to this day. I don't think I've drawn any Star Wars-related pics since then though, so I was really thrilled when a friend commissioned me to create a piece for her boyfriend's birthday present because it would mean I would finally be forced (hur hur see what I did thur.. FORCEd..) to revisit all the memorable characters from the original story (with no midichlorians or clumsy gungans in sight.. how marvellous!). His favourite character is Wedge Antilles so I stuck him in there somewhere... would you believe that was the hardest part? (Just had to make sure his eyebrows were visible enough otherwise you probably wouldn't be able to distinguish him from a random Rebel pilot.. haha) 

I was sad with the prequels and was apprehensive when I heard about episode VII and saw the initial character photos of middle-aged Luke, Leia and Han, but then I saw the trailers of the new movie, and I am actually super excited and feel like that 9 year old sitting at the table after dinner listening to Dad talk about the basic gist of this fantastic sci-fi movie series that he loved and laugh as he sang the Imperial March tune and Berpi marched around with a tea towel on her head saying 'Look at me! I'm Darth Vader! Ha ha ha!' . 

Star Wars (c) Disney, Lucasfilm (have I got it right??)

PS. As a kid my favourite character was R2-D2 and Berpi 's was C-3PO.  But in recent years we've been watching
Auralnauts'  version.. I'll never think of those two droids in the same way again! 笑
PPS. In other news, my niece was born this year... on the 4th of May.
She will LOVE it. :D
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Nice back story for this piece, it look like such a fun painting too pew pew!!. I love the original trilogy and rogue 1 , a bit apprehensive about the upcoming one in dec though so I'll wait for the fan review before I give it a watch.
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I actually loved The Force Awakens.. Rogue One made me bawl and bawl at the end. Me, my sis and my friend just sat there in the cinemas gripping each others' hands having a good old sob. ^^;
(CG Tarkin was a little strange though.. I picked it straight away!)

I'm really really excited about The Last Jedi. I saw a new poster for it the other day and it made my heart cry because it's done in homage to the original promo poster for A New Hope. 
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Ah yes I agree, the cgi thingy is weird and very noticable especially on Tarkin. I like the end battle for rogue 1, mainly cos I get to see the other fleet in the rebel forces and their capital ship.
I think I'll look forward to more of the side story you know, like hopefully the han solo or obi wan kenobi movie once they sorted it all out.
I'm just guessing but I'm worried that the new sequel storyline will be like a recycle of the empire strikes back storyline. The preview showing the rebels confronting the imperial is reminiscence of the hoth battle itself.
And I hope there's more expression on Ray's part cos the only thing I remember is her wide eye and her mouth that is constantly gaping in the force awaken in the battle scene. The director could bring a lot more out of her character. That's just my view but what do you like the most about force awaken?
But if for nothing else, my love for Star wars will see that I'll catch the movie sooner or later just to see the new ships and design that they've created.

I haven't seen the new poster yet , maybe they put it soon in a month or 2. There are some artist here that are involved with the concept and design of star wars. So I guess if they're allowed to; they probably put up some conceptual works to let us see, sort of a sneak peak I guess.. I think I came across 2 of the illustrator.
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Oh god, this is priceless!!  I admire you! I really do T.T
*claps till bleed*
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Thanks so much mate! I'm glad you like it! 
But please fix up those bleeding hands. ^^;
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you're welcome sir :iconsaluteplz:
*infinite admiration*
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It's a trap yo. NICE :D
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dang this is amazing!! it deserves a favorite! haha
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All hail Lord Vader!
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