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Genie HoMM III

An old fanart to Heroes of Might and Magic III which I didn't upload to DA for some reason.
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Love it ;) Wanna know, what I would use the 3 wishes for? :) (Smile) 
Casanova-pl's avatar
After upgrade she is man... so odd
Lee-Mc-Cov's avatar
Боже... Это, определенно, шедевр! Браво!
Velena-Gorosama's avatar
Спасибо, оч приятно)
orzie's avatar
Glad to see nice creatures of Heroes III
Hastur66's avatar
Haha, bet this were fun to draw! ^^ Really love how you managed that flurry part! I don't know, I just can't ever make that right... I specializes in drawing Troglodytes, hahahahah! XD
Velena-Gorosama's avatar
You'r right, it was really fun) I wish I had more time to draw other units from HoMM3 in a realistic manner.
Hastur66's avatar
Hmmm... Ever tried drawing troglodytes? Ridicously easy, but very fun! And even though they aren't all that detailed, there are plenty of room for mixing and tricksing with them as well as surroundings!
Kosslo's avatar
The best memories with Heroes 3. This painting is perfect :D
Velena-Gorosama's avatar
Thank you) I love Heroes 3 too ^______^
LeKsoTiger's avatar
Вау, она отлично бы вписалась в мир игры)
KDragan's avatar
Ah, Genies :) I loved Neela and Aine.
we want more creatures of homm 3 pleaseeee <3
Injin's avatar
Ah, nostalgia. The whirlwind looks really nice.
Herisheft's avatar
Best part og HOMM :)

Really cool image of geenie :)
MarkTarrisse's avatar
Dungeon-Spirit's avatar
Классно! Гораздо лучше, чем в игре :)
Milreem's avatar
Ну если вспомнить в каком разрешении в игре... :D
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