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How are you all guys? Good, I hope. And I am wishin you all a wonderful day.:hug:
So, you all ready for this week's feature?:love:

But of course, first a small explanation about it like always.;)


Well, since I've suggested many artists already to get DD's, and I want to feature them as well regardless of the work I suggested getting featured or not, I am doing these articles so they can get more love!:love:
On a weekly basis, I feature 10 out of all the artists I ever suggested, as well as with the work(s) from them I've suggested and the DD's they have so far, if they do.:hug:

This feature will be from the oldest to newest suggestion.


Here you have the meaning of each part in which I divide the feature:

:la:Suggested works: Work(s) I've suggested to be Daily Deviations.

:heart:Daily Deviation(s): Daily Deviations the deviant already have. May or may not be the one(s) suggested by me - I feature them all anyway:love:

:aww:More works from this artist: Other works from the artist that I did not suggest, and neither are Daily Deviations, selected by browsing their gallery.

Let's go then!:love:
:la:Suggested works:
:heart:Daily Deviations:
:aww: More works from this artist:

:la:Suggested works:
Fairly prince by Estheryu Mermaid by Estheryu
:heart:Daily Deviation:
Chinese Kimono by Estheryu
:aww: More works from this artist:
on sky by Estheryu DREAM by Estheryu Rainbow by Estheryu

:la:Suggested work:
Another World by homigl14
:aww: More works from this artist:
RainbowShock Canvas by homigl14 Starry Night by homigl14 One small step by homigl14

:la:Suggested work:

:aww: More works from this artist:

:la:Suggested works:
Pranksters by any-s-kill Secrets of the Puschmore World by any-s-kill
:heart:Daily Deviations:
Pranksters by any-s-kill Tree Fairy by any-s-kill Little Lights by any-s-kill
:aww: More works from this artist:
Forgotten Land by any-s-kill ..at the Gate to Poppy Field.. by any-s-kill Dream by any-s-kill

:la:Suggested work:
Faron woods by arumise
:heart:Daily Deviation:
Faron woods by arumise
:aww: More works from this artist:
Hexenhaus --edited by arumise totorow by arumise Into Twilight by arumise

:la:Suggested work:
She Envisions Rainbows by Emerald-Depths
:heart:Daily Deviations:
A Break in the Monotony by Emerald-Depths Pastel Gaze by Emerald-Depths
:aww: More works from this artist:
Wolf Song by Emerald-Depths A World Away by Emerald-Depths Think Outside the Box by Emerald-Depths

:la:Suggested work:
.: The Two :. by the-sinner
:aww: More works from this artist:
.:Magesty Dragon:. by the-sinner .: TEKKEN - DEVIL JIN :. by the-sinner Shien p3 by the-sinner

:la:Suggested work:
Daeva by AztecDawn
:aww: More works from this artist:
Sword Maiden by AztecDawn Troll Bane by AztecDawn Lady in Gold by AztecDawn

:la:Suggested work:
SonbaharinYapragi by LimpidD
:heart:Daily Deviation:
One Way by LimpidD
:aww: More works from this artist:
help me by LimpidD drink it with love by LimpidD T e a ? by LimpidD

That's all,I hope you all liked it!:hug:
Keep your eyes opened for the next week's feature!
Don't worry,be deviant:dalove:
Love you all!:blowkiss:

Oh, by the way...
Below you can check the previous editions of this series:love:


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Thank you so much :cuddle:

:rose: :rose: :rose: :flirty:
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wonderful suggestions as always! :la:
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Awwww thank you. And I'm glad to see somebody giving such beautiful suggestions. :)
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thank you:giggle: I love suggesting:dummy:
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OMG~! I LOVE YOU!:love:
VelCake's avatar
I love you too!:iconaawplz:
Tajii-chan's avatar
All such wonderful suggestions! :heart:

I really love looking through these articles- it's really inspiring! :la:
VelCake's avatar
Thank you so much!:heart:

:giggle: really?yay then!:la:
Tajii-chan's avatar
You're welcome <3

And naturally! ;D
mzzyarts's avatar
They're all so awesome. I love the last one!
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I am glad you think so:dummy:
yes!That deviant is amazing:excited:
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Emerald-Depths's avatar
Oh, my. Here I am, browsing the article out of curiosity, and I was highly surprised to see my work. I'm honored that you suggested a piece of mine. :heart:

I also suggested "Fairly Prince" by =Estheryu. It was disappointing that she didn't didn't get it; her work is amazing. And great other suggested works. :thumbsup: They are all deserving of a DD.
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:lmao: I see. I did suggest your work, it is fantastic!:heart: and I will tell you, those suggestions are from a long time ago. But I like doing it, because I check tthe galleries of the artists I suggested again and see how much they improved during these months, and often re-suggest them;D
yes:( I have hope in the future, though. It is most likely I will suggest that piece again to the new Manga/Anime GMsC:
Thank you, I am glad you think so too!:heart:
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