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Chelgrian Suit

Character design of the "Chelgrian" species from the novel Look to windward by Iain Banks.

A little background on the species (From Wikipeadia):
"The chelgrians are a mammalian species with two genders; male and female, having evolved from an apex predator of their home world. In looks, they somewhat resemble an earth tiger with six legs. However, in the course of evolving from animal to sentient being the mid legs have fused, making them tripedal (walking on the rear legs and the mid leg). They are between three and four metres in length and one point five to two metres in height, and have two arms ending in six digit hands that resemble paws. They are furred with various markings and have large carnivore teeth.
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Chelgrians are actually bipedal, using the midlimb to carry things and whatnot.
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take it up with wikipeadia :)
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They swap between bipedal and tripedal, depending on how fast they want to go and how rough the ground is. The central leg has a big pad like a cats paw or an elephant foot, as I recall...

Excellent, i must say...
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Thanks for the feedback...i don't remember any of that being in the book i must have missed it.
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Not quite as I imagined them, but very good.